Magazine Photoshoot in Los Angeles with Tosca Musk

First and foremost, my apologies for not having new blog posts and content on this blog for some time. Over the last month, I’ve been home in Los Angeles for exactly 4 days. As you can imagine, all that travel for work makes it especially difficult to update the blog and portfolios, and maintain a normal schedule with my work. That said, I do not plan on leaving Los Angeles for the remainder of the year, so I’ll be able to quickly catch up on my blog posts and my dealings as a Los Angeles photographer.

Recently, I had the incredibly unique opportunity to work with Resource Magazine, and photograph Tosca Musk, a filmmaker here in Los Angeles. Tosca Musk has produced and directed several projects and garnered a bit of fame with it. So as you could imagine, I was incredibly excited to work with her.

tosca musk-Tosca-Musk-Zach-Sutton-Portrait-1

Perhaps the first thing I noticed about Tosca when I was working with her was how incredibly charming she was. I think we all have a stereotype that people who are successful in Los Angeles can be a bit difficult to work with at times. Tosca couldn’t have been easier to work with. She was incredibly kind, and helped make the shoot really easy and comfortable for everyone.

Tosca also comes from an incredibly successful and ambitious family. Her mother has a successful modeling career extending over 50 years, and still is being cast for jobs today. Her brother, Elon Musk, is the founder and CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, and generally considered a billionaire super genius to all those who follow his projects. So with a family like that it can be really intimidating to work with.

tosca musk-Tosca-Musk-Los-Angeles-Photography-1-1200x1200

The photos of Tosca Musk were for Resource Magazine and their Technology Issue which is available today. Tosca was featured, because some of her work helped create the foundation for many web series that you can see today.

One of Tosca Musk’s first projects is called Tiki Bar TV, where she was the producer of the series. This webseries, was among the founding series that started the video podcasting movement, and was actually featured in Apple Stores and endorsed by Steve Jobs himself back in 2006. while the series is no longer being produced, Toska Musk has continued to work as a director and producer on a variety of projects since. For more on her work, be sure to check out her IMDb.

tosca musk-Tosca-Musk-Los-Angeles-Photography-2

It was an absolute honor work with Tosca Musk and Resource Magazine to capture these great images. For more information about my Los Angeles photography sessions, feel free to click the link here. If you’d like to see the images in print format, you can pick up your copy of Resource Magazine here.

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