LA Headshot Photography Session with Reignite LA

Moving to LA to become a Los Angeles Headshot Photographer has been a long transition process. From the moment I moved here to Los Angeles, I have been traveling, which has made it impossible to book headshot sessions. However, while here, I was recently able to travel to Burbank, and schedule one of my first headshot photography sessions in LA, with the new church coming into town, Reignite LA.

What is Reignite LA?

Reignite LA was built to bring back the Church structure that was instituted during the first 300 years of Church history. Through that, they hope to reignite Los Angeles with the same God power that was ignited during the Azusa Street Revivals in 1906. This means creating a proactive place for all people to grow, from all cultures and orientations.

And that is what separates Reignite LA from many other churches in America. Reignite LA believe that all people were born into their sexual orientation, and that their love and acceptance from God is still true and strong. Among their purpose of spreading the love and gospel of God, Reignite LA hopes to empower the LBGT, with access to the love and acceptance that God provides. They hope to open a church here in LA soon, where people of all walks of life can come and feel accepted. You can learn more about Reignite LA by clicking here for their Facebook page.

los angeles headshot-Los-Angeles-Headshot-Photography-1-950x633

Aaron Crowley-Guest

los angeles headshot-Los-Angeles-Headshot-Photography-2-950x633

Aaron Crowley

los angeles headshot-LA-Headshot-Photography-Zach-Sutton-1-950x633

Christian Brown

los angeles headshot-LA-Actor-Headshots-1-950x633

Mike Arbuckle

los angeles headshot-LA-Headshot-Photography-Zach-Sutton-2-950x633

Denard Thomas

It was really great working with Aaron Guest again. As you probably didn’t know, I worked with Aaron Guest nearly 4 years ago, when I still lived in Michigan. At the time, he was developing his talents as an actor, and hired me to take headshots for him. Shortly after that session, I moved to Albuquerque (and shortly after that he moved to Santa Fe), and then when I moved to LA, he was here as well. It’s quite an honor to have clients coming back even after years of working together, and kind of remarkable considering we now both live on the other side of the country.

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