Headshot Photography Session with Santa Fe Actress Catherine Cole

I recently had the opportunity to photograph aspiring theatre actress, Catherine. She lives and currently goes to High School in Santa Fe, NM, but is hoping to go to college out of state and majoring in theatre. After contacting me about my photography, got her and her mother to drive down to Albuquerque to get her headshots done, as many of the colleges theatre departments ask to see a headshot with their admissions application. Catherine appeared to be incredibly ambitious with her career, and is even considering UCLA’s theatre department on her short list of schools.

Aside from being incredibly ambitious, Catherine is also incredibly photogenic. Sometimes, when working with new clients, it can be tough to get them used to the idea of me sticking a big camera and some giant light banks in their face and asking them to act natural. Catherine didn’t skip a beat at all and from the very first couple frames taken, I knew we already had some winners.

Because of her photogenic qualities, the session ended up being shorter than my usual headshot sessions (They usually last 90 minutes or so). With the help from my awesome makeup artist, Kata Baron from The Pretty Committee and Catherine’s great attitude we were able to get a bunch of great photos in virtually no time flat. Below are some of the photos that we were able produce with Catherine in the studio.

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