Headshot Photography Session With Albuquerque Actor Clay Space

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with up and coming Albuquerque actor Clay Space for an actor headshot session.  Clay recently decided to become and Albuquerque actor and has already found some pretty big successes in the acting industry.

First, Clay was able to land himself a role on the prequel to Breaking BadBetter Call Saul. Clay can be found on the first episode, being aired around this time next year. Initially, he was approached by a casting director, and was given an extra role. Upon filming though, they gave him a speaking role on the show. Pretty impressive that your first acting role happens to be on a TV show that is expected to be one of the best in the last 10 years.

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Following the filming of the pilot episode, good things happened for both Better Call Saul and Clay. Better Call Saul got renewed for a second season (Impressively, after AMC only reading the pilot script). Clay also was approached by Carissa of Mitchell & Presley Talent Group to be signed to their agency. As you may be aware, Mitchell & Presley is one of my favorite agencies in New Mexico, and they’re constantly finding new work for their clients, and working hard to make New Mexico a hub for productions everywhere.

Upon signing with Carissa, Clay was told he needed to get some headshots as soon as possible. Carissa recommended me, and we began planning our photo session. Being an new Albuquerque actor, Clay was also very new to the idea of getting headshots done. For that reason, he decided that the studio was a little intimidating, and opted to have some photos taken outdoors.

albuquerque actor-ClayFinal-2-950x1187

While outdoor headshot are not typically what I advertise on my website, it’s not because it’s something I don’t like doing. I always love to take headshots outdoors, and love the challenges and diversity that it can bring to the photoshoot. Clay ended up being very photogenic, and we were able to get some really great photos from the day.

For more info on my headshot photography, you’re able to go to my headshot information page. You’re also able to see more male headshot photography by clicking here.

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