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I offer portrait photography in Los Angeles and all over California for various different events and styles. Whether it’s family portraits, senior photos, events, wedding photography in Los Angeles or anything else, I’m happy to help you capture the moment like you imagined it. Growing up, my family was never much for photos. While other friends had stacks of photo albums in their house of them growing up, I didn’t. From the moment I was able to figure out how to use a camera, I made it my goal to change that. I’ve been shooting professionally for over 9 years, making sure that everyone is able to get photos of them looking the best they can. I’ve continued that tradition since moving to Los Angeles and working as an Los Angeles photographer. While I’ve been here, I’ve been given the opportunity to work as a wedding photographer for over 35 different weddings, dozens of family photo sessions, events and even a few senior photo sessions. However, those numbers only reflect my work doing photography in Los Angeles; with over 9 years of experience shooting professionally in multiple cities, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients delivering them best photos possible. My clients come back to me for one simple reason – I deliver. I can promise you the highest quality photographs and beat all expectations you might have.

Sessions About You

My portrait photography is simple – It’s all about you. There are NO restrictions in time, or wardrobe changes in my photography sessions. I guarantee the best photos you’ve ever had, and make sure you’re set up for success. 

Because I want to get the most out of a session, I also review the photos as we go. So we’re able to see the product, and adjust anything we may need to in order to get that perfect photograph of you.



Because without reviews, this information provided is nothing but fluff. So here are some of the reviews from agents, actors and casting directors.

Zach was very professional. I was very pleased with the work he did. I will continue to use him for all my photography needs. I would definitely give him 5 stars. Keep up the great work!

– Andrea Olivas | Newborn Photography & Family Photography

My second photo shoot ever was with Zach just about a month ago. I did not know him prior to the shoot but he made the shoot go by so smoothly and produced a large amount of proofs to pick from. I was very satisfied with the final shots and in his editing abilities. I would recommend his services to achieve the look you’re going for.

– Amanda Munoz | Portrait Photography

Zach Sutton is an amazing photographer and person! He was comfortable to work with, and got great shots seamlessly. I highly recommend him for those of you who need great professional photos! This is the guy!

– Ambre Rose | Portrait Photography

Zach is a consummate professional and does incredible work!! His head shots have really helped build my business. Check out his website and see his incredible photos!

– Tommy Truex | Actor Headshot Photography

Zach’s the best. The photo shoot was professional, yet relaxed and comfortable. The headshots I received from Zach are outstanding, I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. As an actor, having quality headshots is absolutely key to catching the attention of casting directors and these photos have gotten me plenty of auditions

– Andres Segura | Actor Headshot Photography

Zach was awesome to work with. He worked quickly, and we just chatted as he did small adjustments to my pose, the lights and his camera position; and after about ninety minutes I had a whole gallery of possible head shots. I would highly recommend working with him. He is quick, reasonable, and talented.

– Scott Bryan | Actor Headshot Photography

Best headshot photographer I’ve ever had the honor of working with! It was only my 2nd time getting photographs professionally and I was still unsure about what to do and how I should be setting myself up for the shots. But, Zach is a professional. He knew exactly what to do and say in order for me to find my own natural looks for my photos. These headshots have gotten me more auditions (and compliments) then any photo of me before. I always recommend him to other actors I know in the Albuquerque area. On top of that, Zach’s one legitimately cool dude.

– Matthew Puett | Actor Headshot Photography

Zach recently did some photographs for me. Zach is easy going and makes you feel comfortable. I was able to choose from a surplus of worthy shots to use. I would highly recommend Zach to anyone looking for a friendly photographer who will turn out a great product.

– David Waid | Actor Headshot Photography

Stats & Information

In over 9 years of professional experience I’ve had the opportunity to work with over 1000 different clients within Los Angeles and all over the world. My skills come from working with some of the very best photographers in the world, allowing my talents to constantly grow and adapt to different environments. I’ve learned the art of posing, color, composition, and everything in between to ensure you’re getting the absolute best photographs to represent who you are.


% of Satisfied Clients 100%
%of Clients Who Have Came Back to me for More Photos 86%
% of Clients Who Have Recommended me to Others 96%

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