Photography Testimonials & Reviews

I’ve always said that the best marketing for photographers is referrals and positive reviews. I’ve always worked with my clients needs in mind, which has made me one of the highest rated and most successful photographers in Los Angeles, CA. Below is some reviews I’ve received while being a photographer in Los Angeles as well as a photographer working in Albuquerque, and Kalamazoo. Below are some testimonials from various clients, actors, agencies and other photographers to show that my work is some of the very best in LA and Southern California.

Reviews & Testimonials

Without reviews, this information provided is nothing but fluff. So here are some reviews and testimonials from my wonderful clients, actors, agencies and even other photographers here in Los Angeles, CA.

General Clients

Zach was very professional. I was very pleased with the work he did. I will continue to use him for all my photography needs. I would definitely give him 5 stars. Keep up the great work!

– Andrea Olivas
Newborn & Family Photos

My second photo shoot ever was with Zach just about a month ago. I did not know him prior to the shoot but he made the shoot go by so smoothly and produced a large amount of proofs to pick from. I was very satisfied with the final shots and in his editing abilities. I would recommend his services to achieve the look you’re going for.

– Amanda Munoz
Portrait Photography

I got a number of very different shots, perfect for all of the varied work I encounter. Not only that, but it was an extremely good value. For the price, 10 quality shots is a steal.

– Stafford Douglas
Portrait Photography

Zach is one of the most creative and energetic photographers I’ve ever met in the industry. I’ve been consistently impressed with his ability to make any situation and location work in a minimal amount of time. Not only is his photo work exceptional, but as a writer and educator he’s second to none.

– David Crewe
Portrait Photography

Zach Sutton is an amazing photographer and person! He was comfortable to work with, and got great shots seamlessly. I highly recommend him for those of you who need great professional photos! This is the guy!

– Ambre Rose
Portrait Photography

Zach thanks so much again! These turned out awesome, we are so happy with the final product despite Jack being so cranky! Hope to work with you again in the future!

– Christina Hanobeck
Family & Child Photography

Actors & Actresses Reviews

I had already seen some of Zach’s work online before booking the appointment, so I already knew he was a fantastic photographer, but what the pictures don’t tell you is just how awesome the guy behind the camera is. Some people love to have their photo taken, but for me, it has always been an awkward/weird experience. Thankfully, Zach had such an easy going and approachable attitude that I was able to forget that my picture was being taken and just relax. I ended up with the most amazing headshots I have ever had. Even the raw photos were beautiful, but after the subtle edits, they were extraordinary. When I look at the photos I see myself, not some awkward girl posing for the camera. The prints were beautiful and have already drastically increased the amount of auditions I get called in for.

– Fawn Hanson
Non Union

Comfortable, quick and easy professional shoot. Zach was a pleasure to work with and got me my proofs in record time. The session resulted in a number of new head shot choices that I now use in many areas of my promotion. I highly recommend his work.

– Patricia Bathune

Working with Zach was an amazing experience. Photography is an art that I’ve truly come to respect and admire, and it takes skill especially to present a person with all of their qualities and the full breadth of their personality within minutes of meeting them, and Zach has that in droves. His studio is the calmest place I have seen in LA, and he puts you into further ease after you begin the sessions. He’s able to capture every facet of your personality, and takes his art seriously, without any pretense or elitism, and exudes passion and commitment, evidenced by the many workshops and seminars he does nationwide. Highly recommended.

– Tahsin Noor
Non Union

Zach is a consummate professional and does incredible work!! His head shots have really helped build my business. Check out his website and see his incredible photos!

– Tommy Truex
SAG Eligible

Zach’s the best. The photo shoot was professional, yet relaxed and comfortable. The headshots I received from Zach are outstanding, I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. As an actor, having quality headshots is absolutely key to catching the attention of casting directors and these photos have gotten me plenty of auditions.

– Andres Segura
SAG Eligible

Zach was awesome to work with. He worked quickly, and we just chatted as he did small adjustments to my pose, the lights and his camera position; and after about ninety minutes I had a whole gallery of possible head shots. I would highly recommend working with him. He is quick, reasonable, and talented.

– Scott Bryan
SAG Eligible

Such a pleasure to shoot with Zach. He made me feel right at home and was very comfortable during the entire session! Plus the turn around time was the night of, you can’t beat that!

– Danny Lam
SAG Eligible

Zach is a great photographer and I’m very happy with the headshots I got. He was very professional and friendly and I highly recommend working with him!

– David Janove
SAG Eligible

Best headshot photographer I’ve ever had the honor of working with! It was only my 2nd time getting headshots and I was still unsure about what to do and how I should be setting myself up for the shots. But, Zach is a professional. He knew exactly what to do and say in order for me to find my own natural looks for my photos. These headshots have gotten me more auditions (and compliments) then any photo of me before. I always recommend him to other actors I know in the Albuquerque area. On top of that, Zach’s one legitimately cool dude.

– Matthew Puett
SAG Eligible

Zach recently did some headshots for me. Zach is easy going and makes you feel comfortable. I was able to choose from a surplus of worthy shots to use. I would highly recommend Zach to anyone looking for a friendly photographer who will turn out a great product.

– David Waid
Non Union

Zach does high quality, professional work. His recent actor head shot session with my son was very reasonable and produced several really good head shots. Zach is great to work with and his editing and retouching skills make the whole process very convenient. I highly recommend Zach Sutton Photography.

– Martin Brown

Zach Sutton is the consummate professional. He takes so much pride and love in what he does and it shows! I had a headshot session with Zach and was completely at ease, knowing I was going to be getting the highest quality photos I can get! With music playing in the background and his warm, inviting energy made our session so easy, laid back, and fun! Let’s face it, as actors, our headshots are our most vital tool and with Zach’s expert eye I know I have the best shots possible to help propel my career! I have only received stellar feedback from industry professionals, friends, and family alike! I highly urge anyone looking for headshots in the LA area to please do yourself the favor and contact Zach Sutton! You will not be disappointed!!

– Matthew Furfaro
SAG Eligible

Talent & Actor Agencies

We’ve been KILLING it at the agency this fall, and I have to thank you for your part. Specifically, Matthew Puett’s first audition with Kiira for Killer Women ending in a booking! With your headshots!
I love your work and want you to succeed in this market!

– Carissa Mitchell
Mitchell & Presley Talent Agency

WOW! Again! There are so many great shots. Again… love your work!

Thank you!

– Jody Black
A&M Talent Agency

Other Photographers

From the moment I learned Zach was offering a lighting workshop I immediately knew that the investment had to be made. I have followed not only his incredible work but his fantastic articles for Fstoppers. Both the in class workshop and on location shoot were incredibly insightful. Zach was patient, hands on, and willing to share his vast knowledge of outdoor lighting and beyond. Absolutely nothing was off limits. I sincerely feel that the course is a game changer & will push you & your photography business to that next level.

– Alicia Padilla

Zach’s is outstanding. I would recommend him and his workshops to anyone looking to improve their outdoor lighting techniques – and photography in general.

– Webb Johnson

Well if I had to point out one thing about your work, it’s just a little bit too…… awesome. Your sir need to chill, you’re making us look bad!!

– Chris Dunn

The class portion of the photography workshop was full of information, examples, and extras like tutorials for later use. The outdoor hands-on part was really fun, and he let us use his own gear, which is awesome. I learned a lot and can’t wait to use it.

– Beth Waldron Yuhas

Zach’s photography workshop was such an eye-opening experience for me. I had zero knowledge of artificial lighting and he was patient and willing to answer all the questions I had. I am so excited to practice all the tips and techniques he had to share.

– Ashley Shaw

His photography workshops are like a class for the everyman. There was discussion, opinions and laughter and out of that was this freedom for creativity. All from a great teacher and great guy.

– Malik Daniels

That is just a few reviews and testimonials in my 8 years working as a professional photographer within the industry. If these don’t sell you, feel free to get in touch with me and I’d be happy to explain what makes my work a cut above the rest. I offer free consultations to anyone who is interested, so let’s sit down, have some coffee and chat.