Albuquerque Lifestyle Photography of Harmony by Zach Sutton

Yesterday morning, I woke up and drove to the Bosque in Northwest Albuquerque to meet up with my friend Harmony to take some Albuquerque lifestyle photography. We wanted to capture something dreamy and whimsical and really play it off like we were awake when in fact neither of us are morning people. The shoot was all very last minute, since I received a FujiFilm X100S in the mail just a couple days earlier, and wanted to get some test shots with it. Overall, I really liked the X100S, however, I found myself going back to my trusted DSLR, as its just a system I’m more familiar with. The colors in the Bosque were great and the morning glow from the Albuquerque sun provided a beautiful light for the session.

Anyway, here are some of the photos we were able to capture.

albuquerque lifestyle photography-Albuquerque-Photography-1 albuquerque lifestyle photography-Beautiful-Photography-Albuquerque albuquerque lifestyle photography-Lifestyle-Photography-Albuquerque

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