The Secret to Headshot Photography

A question I get asked a lot by many photographers is if I like being a headshot photographer in Albuquerque. The majority of people, know me for my work with models, and the work I do outdoors. They know this so well, that I even have a tutorial series that explains my process on creating my environmental portraiture outdoors. But to answer the question about headshot photography – do I love it? Absolutely.

Perhaps what I like most about headshot photography is the honesty involved. It doesn’t take much to figure out how I’m doing what I do in terms of lighting. In fact, to prove it’s not a secret, I’ll explain it right now for you. I use 2 4 ft fluorescent light banks, much like a Kino flo Tegra 4Bank. They are angled inward, and I shoot through the two bars of light onto my subject. The light is daylight balanced, and mounted on C Stands to ensure they do not fall down. I then will often have a studio strobe flashing onto my background, to ensure I get a pure white. This style has been done by countless photographers; from Peter Hurley to Martin Schoeller.

The camera gear isn’t much of a secret either. I use my Canon 5d Mark III, and use the Canon 85mm f/1.2L II and shoot at ISO 50, f/2.2 and 1/200th a second. These settings really don’t change from session to session, and so much that I have a custom setting on my camera that defaults to these settings.

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So What is the Secret to Headshot Photography?

The secret is in the interaction – on every single level. My headshots aren’t selected because they have some intense 5 light setup that no one understands. My headshots aren’t selected because I’m using $100,000 cameras that have prestige that outweighs its uses. My headshots are selected by more casting directors in New Mexico than anyone elses because I know how to interact with my clients and capture a photo that represents them.

Too often there is the assumption that people aren’t photogenic. Too often are we under the assumption that some people feel more comfortable in front of a camera than others. Too often are we under the assumption that headshots are based more on locations or wardrobe.

All of These Assumptions Are Wrong.

I’ve had the privilege of working with some very talented models. Models who have gone on to star on TV shows, win modeling competitions, and work with some of the most talented photographers and biggest brands in the world. Each one of them, at the moment of lifting up your camera to take their photo, have a moment of insecurity. Having your photo taken isn’t entirely easy for anyone, and we must overcome that insecurity to capture the best photos.

And same goes for being photogenic. Sure, we all have our best angles, expressions and sides that represent the best us. It’s the job of the photographer to insure they’re capturing those angles, and highlighting you in the best way possible. If you don’t think you’re photogenic, then your photographer isn’t doing his job.

Now, the gear I mentioned above, does infact total over $10K in gear, but I use that gear to insure my clients get the best headshot photography in the world. An exceptional headshot can be done using a few hundred dollars of gear, if your headshot photographer knows how to address the human element.

And that is why I love headshot photography – it’s so much more different than my normal work. I love headshot photography, because I love people. The reality is that there are no secrets to headshot photography, you’re either good at it or not. It comes down to the interest you have in your clients, and your ability to communicate with them. I love being a headshot photographer because I love talking to people and finding out who they are.

For more info on my headshot photography, you’re able to go to my headshot information page. You’re also able to see more female headshot photography by clicking hereFor male headshot photography, click here.

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