Outdoor Headshot Photography with Los Angeles Actor Cody Colgrove

Last week, I had the opportunity to work Los Angeles aspiring actor Cody Colgrove for a headshot photography session in Los Angeles. I’ve known Cody for a while now, and he just recently decided that he wanted to give acting a shot, so naturally, he contacted me about headshot photography. We then set up a time, and got to work to get him started in acting here in Los Angeles.

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I met Cody through my good friend Trevor, whom you’ve seen on this blog multiple times, both as a Los Angeles actor needing headshots, and a model for LA Models. Trevor and Cody used to work together in the videography field, and Trevor was the one who recently pushed Cody into pursuing acting. Knowing Cody prior to the session definitely helped when it came to getting great headshot photos that highlighted his personality. I really believe that building a rapport with your clients is the key to a great photo, and always encourage my headshot photography clients to set up a free consultation with me prior to our headshot photography session together….if nothing else to get an idea of each other.

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Cody was able to come to my studio in West Hollywood, and we ended up shooting the entire head shot photography session out front, instead of in-studio. When the weather is as beautiful as it has been, it makes it really difficult to allow myself to get cooped up in the studio. Fortunately, Cody has seen my recent outdoor headshot photography sessions and was excited to shoot them outdoors instead of in studio and on a white or black background.

headshot photography-Actor-Headshot-Outdoors-LA-1

Be sure to look out for Cody in upcoming productions and shows being put together all of Los Angeles. With his drive, and these new head shots, I’m confident that Cody will be able to find his place in the acting scene here in Los Angeles. Be sure to look out for Cody Colgrove in upcoming productions, and if you’d like to get your own set of headshots (in-studio or on location) be sure to reach out.

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Headshot Photography Info

My headshot photography is my passion, and I work to give my clients the absolute best work possible.Whether it’s in-studio or on location, I aim to create images that best represent you. I’m based out of Los Angeles, and able to travel within all of the city limits to help you look your very best.  If you’d like to know more about my headshot photography, you can do so by clicking here.

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