Photography & Lighting Workshop Announcement for Denver, CO and Albuquerque, NM

I’m so extremely excited to be announcing my next set of Photography Workshops in the United States – with the help from my friends at Phase One. As I’ve talked about before on here, I absolutely love the process of teaching, so take every opportunity I can help education and inspire other photographers in the community. My mission is as always, to provide outstanding education for affordable prices, which brings me to my next photography workshop announcements, one in Denver, CO on August 13th & 14th and one in Albuquerque, NM on August 20th & 21st. These workshops will take place in a studio in those cities, and will teach you everything you need to know about lighting your subjects, both on location – using off camera flash, and in-studio – creating cinematic and interesting images with ease.

These photography workshops are limited to just 12 students, so that each student is able to get hands on and one-on-one coaching while there. The classes are designed to be both small and affordable, giving you an environment to not only shoot, but also learn as much as possible. Because of this nature, each class will likely sell out early, so it is encouraged that you reserve your seat on my photography workshop website as soon as possible.


Focus of Workshops

Each of these workshops are focused primarily on lighting, and are comprised of two days of learning and shooting. Day 1, will be held in studio in lecture format for the first half, teaching you the complexities of lighting on location, using both natural light and off camera lighting. On this day, I spend the first half of the day teaching you all the tools and techniques you need to know in order to make your photos look incredible, while keeping a sense of realism in the photo. The second half of the day takes us on location, where we’re able to learn in a hands-on environment with models. Here, I’m able to coach you, and give you individual training using some of the best gear available for photographers.

Day 2 is all about building a studio efficient workflow while working in-studio with light shaping to develop an interesting in studio style. Here, we’ll go through dozens of different lighting techniques using the tools typically found in a studio. We’ll be doing simple set building, tethering overview, and the best of all – another day of hands-on coaching and training while working with professional models in a professional environment. Additionally, a Capture One expert will be on hand, there to give you a hand on overview of one of the most used products by professional photographers.

This workshop will give you over 16 hours of training and education on lighting, workflow, marketing, client interaction and more. These workshops, while new topics of education, have been some of the highest rated workshops in the world, with some of the best sponsors available helping you along the way. Companies like Phase One, Profoto, Tether tools,, and Capture One.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this workshop for beginners, intermediate or advanced photographers?

In short, this workshop is specially designed for photographers of all skillsets. However, it is highly encouraged to know the basic functions and understanding of your camera prior to showing up. The class includes a one on one training portion on location, and is created to be as simple or as advanced as you’d like it to be.

Do I need the gear mentioned above in order to attend?

Of course not. Phase One is kind enough to sponsor the event, but by no means are you required to have a medium format system to attend. Gear is provided for the workshop, and all that is required for you to bring is yourself, and your camera system, and an eagerness to learn.

If I've attended one of your previous workshops, will I learn anything new here?

Absolutely. I took the year off of workshops, to completely redesign my educational products, and make my workshops even better than before. Even if you’ve attending my outdoor lighting workshop in the past, you can expect to learn a wealth of new techniques and skillsets through the rennovated program.

When will the models be announced for the workshop?

I am working with some of the best agencies locally to get incredible models for both Day 1 and Day 2 of the workshop. These models will be announced within a week prior to the workshop. Though it’s important to remind you, my goal with these workshops is to make you a better photographer, so promoting the education comes first and foremost. That said, you can expect the models for this workshop to be awesome.

Is there a group discount price, or a discounted pricing for previous students?

If you’ve attended one of my workshops in the past, and are looking to attend this one, please reach out to me directly, and we can talk about providing a discount for these new sets of classes. If you have a large group of 4 or more people hoping to attend, group discounts can be made available.

Is lunch provided for the workshop?

Yes, during the lunch break, lunch will be provided for all the students in attendance. Please let Zach know ahead of time if you have any food allergies or special dietary needs.

How are the extras made available?

On each day, a product code for Capture One 9 will be given away through a raffle, as well as any other products raffled off at the workshop. Additional workshop materials (such as the retouching tutorials and breakdowns, marketing guide for photographers, and the skillsets package) are delivered via email following the workshop.

Extras Included in the workshops

By using sponsorships, and other mediums, this workshop has a bunch of extras that come included with the workshop itself. First, each student will leave with a thumb drive explaining retouching principles and techniques. Capture One will also be giving away a copy of Capture One Pro 9 ($300 value). This is the software that I use for my retouching process, and in my opinion, the very best software for rendering skin tones correctly from a RAW file format. You’ll also get an overview tutorial of how to effective use Capture One 9 during the workshop, from one of the Capture One experts.

All attendees will also receive access to Zach Sutton’s Retouching and Breakdown Premium Tutorials, the Marketing Guide for Photographers, and the Skillsets Package. With over 8 hours of additional material, showing you tutorials, deconstructed photoshoots, and more, this contains a plethora of information to increase your photography skills drastically – behind the camera, with retouching, and through marketing.

Gear Provided for Workshops

During these workshops, I want to pamper my students. So because of that, we work with the very best photography gear available. For lighting, we’ll be using Profoto B1 and Profoto B2 studio strobes. At $2,000 a piece, these are the absolute best lights (in my opinion), and have become the industry standard for professional photoshoots. We’ll also be pairing those with wireless trigger systems, which allow for wireless HSS firing up to 500ft. With a collection of modifiers, we’re able to diversify our lighting considerably, and create images that work best for each individuals portfolio. I’ve also paired with Phase One, and they are bringing a couple of their Phase One camera systems, which are the ABSOLUTE BEST cameras in the world today. By having the option to use medium format camera systems like these, we’re able to get more dynamic range, clearer photos, and better images to work with.

I also offer up my gear from my own camera bag to be used during the On Location portion of the workshop. So if you’re a Canon photographer, you’re able to use my vast collection of prime lenses to help capture truly remarkable images.

Additionally for these photography workshops, I also provide subjects for you to test these lighting principles on. This means you’re able to learn, build and create stunning images for your portfolio. For this workshop, I’ll be bringing some of my absolute favorite models to the on location and in studio portion of the workshop, allowing you to create amazing images while leaning the principles and techniques of lighting in both scenarios.

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