Los Angeles Headshot Photography w/ LA Actor and Producer David Janove

Recently, I had the opportunity to get in touch with Los Angeles producer and actor David Janove, to help him generate some new acting work in Los Angeles with some outdoor headshot photography. David has worked for a number of years in LA, but hadn’t gotten some headshot done for some time, and decided it was time for a refresher.

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It’s always a fun challenge when you’re doing headshot photography for an actor that either hasn’t ever gotten headshots before, or haven’t gotten headshots in a while. I’ve learned to appreciate breaking through the skittishness that sometimes comes with it. While I understand, as I’m someone who doesn’t like getting their headshot done either, I always am charmed by those nervous by the process. Once you get them comfortable in front of the camera, you can quickly see how the headshot photography experience improves, just by their body language.

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David was experiencing this during his headshot session, as for a number of years now, he’s worked as a producer here in LA. He hasn’t had a huge need, or desire for new headshots, so when the time came, he was a bit timid. However, it took no time whatsoever to get him comfortable with the photoshoot, and in no time, we were getting some really great photos.

David has worked as a producer for a number of massively successful YouTube channels, including The Fine Bros. and their very successful React series. Over the last few months, he’s branched off, and decided to work on his own projects as a producer, so he’s feeling the rush of creativity with his work once again. He still does, however, direct a variety of shows put together at UCB Hollywood.

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David lives here in Los Angeles and is hoping that these new headshots will help continue his career as a producer and editor to grow to larger projects. It was really great working with David, and thanks again for the glowing review on Google Places! You can learn more about David on his IMDb, and his website.

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Headshot Photography Info

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