Los Angeles Actor Headshot Photography Session with Matthew Furfaro

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Matthew Furfaro, a Los Angeles actor who needed new headshots for his budding acting career. For his headshots, we decided to do some work in the studio, and we ended up getting some really great shots for him to use for his acting career here in Los Angeles.

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I first had the opportunity to meet Matthew at a Mitchell and Presley Talent agency holiday party in Los Angeles at the W Hotel. For those who have been following my work, knows Mitchell and Presley as the wonderful agency I’ve worked with for a number of years in Albuquerque before I moved to Los Angeles, CA. Well around the time I moved to Los Angeles, they opened up an LA branch for their agency and signed Matthew.

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I met Matthew at the holiday party, and he mentioned he needed new headshots so he took my card. After looking through my work, he booked a session, and we got underway. Matthew was an absolute natural in front of the camera, and was really easy to photograph. Between how he was able to emote, and his professionalism in the studio, I was surprised that he’s just now approaching acting full time. I assumed he was an old school actor who had been in the game forever.

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However, what I admired most about Matthew was his ambition. He’s from the East Coast originally, and when he found he love for acting, he decided to make the leap of faith, and move to Los Angeles to pursue his career…a decision so many people struggle with making. His story really reminded me of my own personal experience in the similar field, and how rewarding it was for me to just make the jump to what I want to do. I moved to Albuquerque to pursue photography full time, and succeeded. Now I’m making that same jump to Los Angeles, and finding success in what I love to do. All it takes is a little courage, and a lot of motivation…and you can accomplish anything. I have no doubts that Matthew will find his success here in Los Angeles, and I wish him the best of luck as he works to become an actor here in Hollywood. Special thanks to Wondergloss Studios for providing a place for us to set up and photograph these head shots.

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los angeles-Los-Angeles-Actor-Headshots-2-1400x1120

Thanks for the Review, Matthew!

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