My Outdoor Lighting & Photography Workshop In Kalamazoo Michigan

As some of you may know, I have been out of Albuquerque, NM this last week or so because I went to Kalamazoo, MI to host a photography workshop on lighting. I’ve taught this workshop before, and have had a huge out pour of people all over the United States asking if I’ll come to their city/state to teach this workshop. Michigan was a trial run on hosting more photography workshops all over the United states and world, and this trial run was a huge success.

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Much to my surprise, my lighting & photography workshop sold out in only 72 hours after announcing it, and sold out in another 24 hours when I extended the seating to twelve (from ten). People from all over the midwest were excited to attend the workshop, traveling as far at 6 hours just so they could reserve their seat at this fun and exciting day.

Now this is the third time I’ve taught this lighting workshop. As you may recall, I’ve taught this photography workshop in Albuquerque, NM twice now, with having each of those sold out as well. Of those two workshops in Albuquerque, both of them were a huge success, with photographers ranting and raving about all that they learned and the fun they had.

This workshop was no different, and it seems everyone had an exceptional time throughout the day. However, I’d like to point out a few people who really helped to make this photography workshop special.
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Again, thank you to LensRentals for supporting me on my workshops, and helping by supplying Profoto B1s to use during the day. Your generosity and commitment to learning is exceptional, and I’m grateful for all the help you’ve supplied making my workshops such a success.
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Phase One & ProGear Rentals

Thank you to Phase One and Doug from ProGear Rental out of Chicago for supplying two Phase One bodies for the students to try out, as well as supplying each student with a copy of Capture One Express for them to process the files. Not only were the students excited and impressed with the camera systems, but the files they were able to create with the gear you supplied turned out great.

David Crewe & Phlearn

Special thanks to my friend David Crewe of Phlearn for stopping by and helping with BTS footage throughout the day. And thank you again for all the insight into the business of photography that you were able to supply throughout the day. And finally, thank you for supplying each student with a Phlearn Pro Tutorial of their choice

Alien Skin Software

Thank you to my friends at Alien Skin for supplying my students with 30% off any purchases of your product. And congratulations to Aaron Geller for winning a full copy of Exposure 6, supplied to us by Alien Skin. I’m confident that if my students take the time to try out your software, they’ll be very impressed with their results.

Bill Strome

Thank you to Bill Strome of Strome Photography for supplying his studio for us to host a lecture and Q&A at throughout the photography workshop. Your willingness to help throughout the day made everything go so smoothly, and I’m grateful for your courtesy.

My Models

A very special thanks to both Britney Simerson and Andrea Nancy for coming out and working with all the photographers who attended my photography workshop. I know they’re both very talented and busy models living in Michigan, but your ability to come out and work with everyone was essential to the great time everyone had. You’re both beautiful and so much fun to work with, so thank you again for driving down to Kalamazoo to work with everyone who attended this photography workshop.

If you’re still keeping up, you may have done the math on this workshop by now. With the sponsors in place, each student got more than the value of the photography workshop in free things alone, with Capture One Express, Alien Skin discounts, Phlearn Pro Tutorials, and all the gear to use throughout the day, the $225 price ended up being a huge value for those who attended (getting almost $300 in free things). I hope to continue capturing these sponsors for future workshops, with the ability to pass along all the sweet gear to the students.

Some of the challenge I ran into when putting together this photography workshop was that I was in Albuquerque up until a few days before the class. So planning locations, models and so on what a huge challenge, as I wasn’t in the area to meet with them or check out different locations. I had to rely on my memory for this photography workshop, as I have shot in the location, and worked with many talented models from living in Michigan years ago.


Much like previous times, and the recent updated to my website, I want to provide some transparency, and offer up reviews of the photography workshop from my students. I simply asked them to provide me with feedback, and did not encourage them to write positively or negatively about me.


Shankar Narayanan

I had the great opportunity to attend the “Outdoor Lighting” workshop on 7/13/14, hosted by Zach. The entire day was jam packed with information and knowledge transfer. The key to the success was Zach’s personality. Despite being a highly published artiste, Zach is down to earth & approachable and with no pretenses. That made it easy for us to ask questions and get straight answers. The photography workshop also featured industry experts from PHLEARN & Phase One and we got to use some cool equipment. Once we got started on the hands on part of the class where we mixed strobes with harsh afternoon sunlight, Zach showed us how it is done, and worked with us all individually till we “got it”. We then went on and worked with the talented models all afternoon. The techniques I learned in this class will help take my outdoor photography to the next level. I have already ordered a beauty dish & a power pack to go with my AB800. Can’t wait to try my skills. Don’t miss this opportunity if this class comes to your town!
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Aaron Geller

I had the pleasure of meeting Zach last fall in NYC (despite living in the same small town for several years) and found him to be enthusiastic and making new paths for himself in the industry. This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend his workshop here in West Michigan. So here are my thoughts: Zach puts a lot of effort into the workshops and it comes through. The workshop factors in your needs and wants, and he is open to input. The price was affordable and in no way was Zach price gouging anyone – I fear to say it, but I doubt any grand profit was made. And speaking of price, we all received our money’s worth from this workshop. It was my first workshop for photography and up until that point, I had never considered the importance of neutral density filters in my work. Certainly, the workshop was a great opportunity to build network connections and meet people passionate about photography. I also enjoyed trying out new equipment and seeing how it could be applied toward my own work. In short, if you have a chance to take a workshop with Zach – you will get more than your money’s worth.
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David Crewe

I was a fan of Zach’s work before meeting him, and after getting to work with, attend one of his workshops to see just how the man works, i’m even more a fan! Zach is one of the most creative, driven, funny, and talented photographers AND educators on the market and I cannot recommend him enough!
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Jeremiah Rosa

I enjoyed my 2nd photography workshop with Zach this past weekend. His teaching style makes new information exciting and understandable. I always learn more than I expect from Zach, and love to watch him work. On top of the great information, I met amazing industry professionals, worked with top notch models, and even went home with a killer swag bag! When Zach comes to town, he don’t mess around!
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Britney Simerson

If you’re looking for the most professional, easy going, and energetic photographer…Zach Sutton Photography is who you need to choose! I have worked with him twice for his photography workshop and each time I’m more amazed at how our experience turns out.



If you’d like to see some of the photos taken by others from the workshop, you’re able to do so by visiting the Facebook Event page I had with the photography workshop. Again, thank you to all those who attended and helped with making this workshop a success. I look forward to providing more photography workshops to Albuquerque, as well as all over the United States.

If you’re interested in attending one of my photography workshops but don’t have the means to come to a city I’m teaching in, please check out my tutorial series with RGG EDU, which is being released in the coming weeks.


If You’re Interested In My Photography Workshops


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