Albuquerque Photography Workshop Announcement – April 27th 2014

A couple weeks ago, I hosted a photography workshop in Albuquerque on the topic of Outdoor Lighting. Following the workshop, I got a lot of positive feedback and virtually all of my students took to Facebook to talk about how much they learned and how much fun that had.

So the next couple days afterwards, consisted of emails, phone calls and messages from those who were unable to attend and wish they had. After much thought on the topic, I figured, what the heck, and decided to re-host the workshop to those who were unable to attend.

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The workshop is scheduled for April 27th (a Sunday) and covers and included all of the stuff from the previous workshop. So 8 hours of both classroom and outdoors teaching you everything about modifiers, lighting styles and techniques, ND filters, and hands on treatment of everything taught.

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The class itself is limited to 10 people, and is first come first serve. If you’re an Albuquerque photographer and thinking about attending, feel free to contact me for more information and to reserve your seat.

[separator title=”Reviews From The Previous Workshop On The Same Topic”]

[row][column xs _ width=”6″]From the moment I learned Zach was offering a lighting workshop I immediately knew that the investment had to be made. I have followed not only his incredible work but his fantastic articles for Fstoppers. Both the in class workshop and on location shoot were incredibly insightful. Zach was patient, hands on, and willing to share his vast knowledge of outdoor lighting and beyond. Absolutely nothing was off limits. I sincerely feel that the course is a game changer & will push you & your photography business to that next level.

– Alicia Padilla

Zach’s workshop was outstanding, both in content and hands-on experience. The material covered was valuable and readily translated into applicable skills during the field portion of the day. I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their outdoor lighting techniques – and photography in general.
– Webb Johnson[/column]

[column width=”6″]The class portion of the workshop was full of information, examples, and extras like tutorials for later use. The outdoor hands-on part was really fun, and he let us use his own gear, which is awesome. I learned a lot and can’t wait to use it.
– Beth Waldron Yuhas

Zachs workshop was such an eye-opening experience for me. I had zero knowledge of artificial lighting and he was patient and willing to answer all the questions I had. I am so excited to practice all the tips and techniques he had to share.
– Ashley Shaw

It was like a class for the everyman. There was discussion, opinions and laughter and out of that was this freedom for creativity.
– Malik Daniels[/column][/row]

If you’re looking for more information about my workshops and teaching techniques, feel free to check out my workshop page.

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