Wedding Photography with Jackie & Jason O’Brien

Since moving to Albuquerque, my wedding photography has slowed down considerably. The reason for this is intentional, as I wanted to ensure that I get the absolute best images for my clients when photographing their wedding.

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Too often with wedding photography, you get overworked and overbooked, and fall into autopilot mode with wedding photography. The most important day of someone else’s life ends up being a day where you’re a robot, programmed to take a specific number of images, of a specific number of things. I used to be a victim of this dilemma, when I was shooting many more weddings than I do now, so I did the unconventional – I limited myself.

I decided that I only wanted to photograph a few weddings a year, and really be able to focus on the detail from those weddings, and give them the absolute best wedding photography as a result. So I don’t really consider myself a wedding photographer in Albuquerque anymore, but certainly want to do more weddings, if time allows for it.

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This wedding is with Jason and Jackie. I’ve known Jason for my entire life, so when he asked me to be his wedding photographer, I was completely flattered. Jason and I grew up in the same town in Michigan, and played on many of the same sports teams growing up. Eventually, we went to the same college, and I even moved into his old apartment when he was moving out.

Some time ago, he met Jackie, and fell in love. And as that love developed, he inevitably decided that he wanted Jackie to be his wife, and he proposed. She of course said yes and they began planning their wedding.

At this same time, I had moved to Albuquerque from Michigan. Jason contacted me, and asked if I’d be willing to travel to Michigan from Albuquerque for a weekend and be their wedding photographer, and I naturally said yes. We then started planning.

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As many of you may remember, I also took Jason & Jackie’s engagement photos, when I was in town to teach a photography workshop. You can see some of those photos here.

Jackie and Jason got married on September 26th, 2014. Special thank you to Jason, Jackie and their families for having me photograph their special wedding day. And thank you to Laura Alexandra for working as my second shooter for the day. For more photos, check below.

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[column width=”6″][color-swatch icon=”award” title=”What Jackie & Jason Said” color=”orange”]Hey Zach!

The pictures turned out GREAT! We love them. Thank you for your part in making our day go as smoothly as it did! You and your partner were great! I’ll you know if we have any questions as we continue to go through the pictures. Thanks again.[/color-swatch][/column]

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For more info on my wedding photography, please send me an email. You’re also able to see more Albuquerque wedding photography by clicking here.[/column]

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