St. Baldrick’s Foundation Fundraiser in Albuquerque, NM

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s fundraiser here in Albuquerque. For those unaware, St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a childhood cancer charity which raises awareness with head shaving to help fund cancer research looking for a cure. Each participant joins or creates a team, where they set goals for the amount of money they can raise for the event. Using social media and other forms, people are able to donate money which will go directly to fund cancer research for various childhood cancers. Raising over $125 million dollars in research grants, St. Baldrick’s Foundation is one of the worlds largest charities funding childhood research grants.

This year, much like 2010, my friends Morgan McLain and Chaya Barham participated in the St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s event here in Albuquerque. With their team, cleverly entitled “The Life Shavers” they were able to raise over $1,800 – all of which will go to support finding a cure for childhood cancers.

My friend Morgan is in fact a childhood cancer survivor herself, marking over 10 years of being cancer free. Without the money raised by organizations like St. Baldricks, treatment options currently available may not exist. For this reason, my friends Morgan and Chaya are happy to shave their heads in front of a crowd of hundreds, to help fund cancer research.

However funding cancer research isn’t also the only reason for such a charity. Each year, over 175 thousand children are diagnosed with various forms of cancer, and lose their hair to chemo treatments. St. Baldricks is just one way to help show little kids that being bald can be pretty cool.

The charity also works along side with Locks of Love – so if your hair is over a certain length, the barbers make sure to cut it so the hair can be donated to help make wigs for cancer patients.

The event took place on UNM’s campus, right by the UNM hospital. With over 100 people there to have their heads shaved, the event turned out to be quite the success. Believe it or not, this is the 10th year of such an event, and St. Baldricks hosts events all over the country. Be sure to look into their foundation for more information, and if you’re out there getting your head shaven for cancer research, let me know and maybe I’ll be in the crowd taking your photo.


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