Headshot Photography Session with Albuquerque Star Ryan Jason Cook

I love headshot photography for a lot of different reasons, but probably my favorite part of it is watching my clients careers grow and evolve after the headshot session I do with them. So naturally, with that said, I love it when I get return clients for my work. Ryan Jason Cook is exactly that – a happy and returning client.

I originally took headshots of Ryan Jason Cook about a year ago. He was a pretty well accredited actor in town at that time, and needed some new headshots to help get him additional castings for roles. He got in touch with me, we did our headshot photography session back in February of last yearand that is when Ryan’s career started to really take off.

headshot photography-New-Mexico-Film-Ryan-Cook-3 headshot photography-Ryan-Jason-Cook-Headshot-Photography-Albuquerque-1


You see, in the last year,  Ryan has been part of some really incredible productions. Critically acclaimed shows being filmed here in Albuquerque, like Manhattan, Better Call Saul, The Messengers, and The Night Shift have all had Ryan co-staring in them at one point or another. So with his success, Ryan decided he needed to get some new headshots for the new year, and Ryan chose to call me once again.

headshot photography-Albuquerque-Actors-New-Mexico-5 headshot photography-Headshot-Photography-Albuquerque

In his own humility, Ryan told me that he thinks my headshots of him from last year are the contributing factor for his success, but I know his attitude and drive have far more to do with it than just some headshot photography. Ryan is a hard worker, and knows that he wants to be an actor. His hard work and drive has made him a huge success within the Albuquerque acting scene, and he continues to grow his craft and IMDb credentials for his up and coming career.

headshot photography-Talent-Agencies-Albuquerque

Be sure to check out some of the shows above to see Ryan kicking ass on the big screen!


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