Featured on Albuquerque Self-Employed Happy Hour Podcast

A few days ago, I had an exciting opportunity to be a special guest on the Albuquerque Self-Employed Happy Hour Podcast, put together by Pyragraph. On the podcast, I was able to talk about my upcoming projects, and how I came to find success in photography when I moved out to Albuquerque.

Self-Employed Happy Hour is ran by the operating editors and the owner of the popular local publication, Pyragraph. They were also on air, hitting me with the hard questions on how I’ve developed my business. It was quite an honor to to about all the things I’ve been able to do as an Albuquerque photographer, especially to three people who are huge assets to the art community here in town.

In this hour long episode, I was able to talk about how I manage all of my travel, as well as plan workshops all over the United States. I also talk about how I’m among the highest rated photographers in Albuquerque, and how I’m able to do that by building relationships with my clients, so that they want to refer me to their friends and family.

To listen to the podcast, and get more information, you can either click the play button above, go to the Albuquerque Self-Employed Happy Hour podcast by clicking here, or download the episode for free on iTunes.

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