What I’ve Been Up To As Of Late

I wanted to take an opportunity to turn my business photography blog into a little bit of a personal one for an entry, and let everyone know what I’ve been up to so far for the new year. Traditionally, I try to make it a habit to post a blog post once a week, and I haven’t had a great start to that this year so far, so I wanted to make a quick update as to what I’ve been doing as an Albuquerque Photographer.

Much like last year, this year is all about travel for me. I absolutely love Albuquerque, but I also love seeing the world, so I’m working to book as many flights and as many trips as possible. So far, I have 6 different flights booked for this year, and I’m hoping to quadruple that number over the next few months. I truly believe that the key to creativity is through new experiences…and it’s easy to have new experiences when you’re in a place you’re not familiar with.

And that goes for New Mexico as well. If you’ve worked with me in the past, you probably know how little I’ve seen New Mexico since living here. It’s shameful. I moved here, got wrapped up in my little 3 mile bubble of places, and never really left that. To help encourage my travel around the state, I purchased a new car – so I no longer have the fear of being stranded.

So, I own this now. 2015 Mazda 6 Touring #zoomzoom

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I’m also hoping to work more on the education side of things with photography. As many of you may know, I’m an operating Editor for Fstoppers, and also contribute to various other publications relating to photography. Along side that, I want to teach more workshops than ever before, and I’m making some big plans on those.

For one, my photography workshops are getting a major overhaul. Not only do I want to teach my successful lighting techniques for outdoor portraiture, I also want to teach business practices and retouching tutorials. I’ve been asked about these two topics multiple times, so I’m make it happen, and my workshops for next year are designed to be two day workshops, showing you all the secrets. I’m working with my sponsors now, to help make these workshops bigger than ever, and hope to have some dates and announcements soon.

Imaging USA

I’ve also been invited to present my work and my techniques at Imaging USA in Nashville TN this year, and look forward to the opportunity. I’ll be working at the LensRentals booth, giving live demos of portrait photography, as well as teaching practical techniques to increase your portrait photography work, in both lighting and direction. If you’re at Imaging USA this year, please stop by the booth and say hello.


This year, for the first time in a couple years now, I’m going to WPPI, without the press sign on my chest. This means, I have more time to attend classes, experience the work of others, and grow as a photographer. So if you’re going to WPPI, I’d love the opportunity to meet you, and just hang out.


I’m also making a promise to myself to do at least one piece of personal work a month this year, and highlight that more on my blog here and my Facebook page. While I’m already failing, and likely won’t have anything for January, I’m hoping to catch up with two pieces of work for February. So if you’re tired of the headshot photography featured on this blog, stayed tuned, cause I’m putting up more diversity.

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