Headshot Photography for Albuquerque Realtor Debbie Dupes

More often than not, you see a lot of my headshot photography done for local Albuquerque actors and actresses. This is because the film industry in Albuquerque is booming, and I’m always happy to help Albuquerque actors get the best possible headshot to help their career. But actors and actresses isn’t the only people I help provide headshots for.

Meet Debbie for example. Debbie is a commercial Realtor here in Albuquerque, NM. Often, her office provides a photographer for headshots to be used on their website and other promotional paperwork. However, this usually results in cookie cutter and basic photos, without much time to set up and really capture the best photograph for yourself. So this year, Debbie wanted to do something different.

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Instead of having her office bring in a photographer for headshots to be used on the website and elsewhere, Debbie decided to just find someone herself, and find someone that she can trust to capture the best possible images. With the help of Kata Baron of The Pretty Committee on Makeup, we set up a time to have her come into my headshot photography studio, and began shooting.

Overall, I had a really great time taking headshots for Debbie. Her husband is from Michigan, and her from the midwest. So we were able to talk about our transition to the desert and ramble about how much we really love Albuquerque and all it has to offer.

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As well as asking me to take headshots for her website and promotion of her real estate business, Debbie also needed photos to be used for her renewed passport, a service I’m always happy to bundle in with my headshot sessions for both Albuquerque actors and businessmen and women.

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For more info on my headshot photography, you’re able to go to my headshot information page. You’re also able to see more female headshot photography by clicking here.

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