Headshot Photography Session with Ryan Jason Cook

Recently, I was contacted by Ryan Jason Cook to schedule a headshot photography session in Albuquerque, NM. We met at my local Satellite Coffee (a coffee chain here in New Mexico) and discussed what he was hoping to get out of some updated headshots.

Ryan recently signed with Applause Talent Agency, and is really eager to take his acting career by storm for this new year. Upon talking to him, I also discovered that he help run a theatre here in town, while also working as an actor in both theater and film. Impressed with his diligence, we set up a session to get some headshots.

I’m really happy with the overall session we booked, Ryan is a good looking guy, and was very comfortable in front of the camera. We shot for a little while and got some really great photos. Everyone in Albuquerque look out for Ryan, he’s about to do some really big things!

Be sure to check out Ryan’s website and IMDb Page for more info on what he is up to!

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