Model Photography with Cathleen Daly in Rio Rancho, NM

Last week, I had the opportunity to photograph Cathleen Daly, a model in Rio Rancho, NM. I have been cooped up in the studio shooting head shots for Albuquerque actors/actresses lately, so I was excited to go out to the desert and shoot some photos under the sun. For this session, we went out to the desert and took some photos in west Rio Rancho. The beautiful thing about the Rio Rancho area is that it can go from cityscape to desert in the blink of an eye, so you can get a great diverse look in your photos. However, for these ones, we just decided to ignore the city and do some desert photography. Special thanks to Cathleen’s mom and younger sister for being my assistants and trying to fight off the desert wind.


photography-New-Mexico-Photography photography-Rio-Rancho-NM photography-Rio-Rancho-Photography

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