Albuquerque Headshot Photography with Keith Jardine

As of late, I’ve been working with headshot photography more than ever for local Albuquerque actors and actresses. Because of the planning for the tutorial series that begins filming in a couple weeks, I haven’t had much creativity that isn’t poured into that project, so my commercial and environmental portraits are placed on hold until after the filming. But if you’re looking for those types of photographs, stay tuned, as I’ll have many of those coming in the coming weeks.

But a couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to work with local actor and UFC fighter Keith Jardine for headshot photography in Albuquerque.  You may recognize Keith from a variety of things. In 2005, he began his UFC fighting career and starred in the hit TV show ‘The Ultimate Fighter’. From there, he has been in many fights hosted by UFC, Strikeforce and others. He decided to recently focus his attention to acting and stunts, and begin his transition away from fighting.

headshot photography-Albuquerque-Keith-Jardine-Actor-1400x1120 headshot photography-Keith-Jardine-Albuquerque-Headshot-1-1400x1120

But you may have also seeing Keith on the big screen over the years as well. He’s appeared in Crank: High Voltage, as well as co starred in Gamer along side Gerard Butler and Michael C Hall. He’s also appeared in an episode of Breaking Bad, Hawaii Five-O and many other television series being filmed in both Albuquerque and Los Angeles. Along side working as an actor and stunt man in Albuquerque, Keith also owns and runs a Yoga studio here in Albuquerque, NM.

headshot photography-New-Mexico-Headshot-Photography-Keith-Jardine-1400x1120

Needless to say, I was honored that Keith chose me to be his headshot photographer, as he has an up and coming acting career here in New Mexico. We were able to get some really great shots from the headshot photography session. You can see some more of them below.

headshot photography-Keith-Jardine-Actor-Headshot-960x1200

For more information on Keith Jardine, be sure to check out his IMDb page, his Wikipedia article, and his website.

For more info on my headshot photography, you’re able to go to my headshot information page. You’re also able to see more male headshot photography by clicking here.

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