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A couple weeks ago, while in Marfa, Texas shooting with the Phase One IQ250, my friend and food photographer Taylor Mathis posted a podcast interview I did with him a while back. In the podcast, I talk about how I used referrals to build my business in Albuquerque when I became a New Mexico photographer a couple years ago.

If you read my blog often, you know that about two years ago, I made a challenge for myself. I decided to move from Kalamazoo MI to Albuquerque, NM without having any real idea of the industry here, or anyone here. I just wanted a culture change and a new perspective of what I was doing.

I moved here, and continued my career as a photographer. But instead of being a Kalamazoo photographer, I was now a New Mexico photographer, shooting in a new location without much knowledge of the people or things here. In those two years, I built up my clientele, and was able to become one of the most well-known names in the Albuquerque photography scene.

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This podcast, I talk about my challenges doing just that, and how I was able to overcome them when moving to a new city without much of a marketing budget. I did this, in short, the same way I’ve always ran my business. By becoming friends with my clients, and offering the best product available for my location.

More of What is Talked About in this Podcast —

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  • Building an experience that makes others want to work with you again
  • How to study your market and delivering a product that it needs.
  • Viral marketing, with absolutely no budget.

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  • Recharging your creativity when feeling burnt out.
  • Finding applications to set your product above the rest.
  • Finding patience to help you go from good to great.



And while Taylor is largely a food photographer, he has also been an amazing resource I’ve used over the years to help motivate me, and provide me with insight on how the industry works. You definitely need to check out his work and see what he’s doing to get a better view on how to become successful in this industry we call photography. Also be sure to look at more of his Business of Creatives Podcast.

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