Beauty Photoshoot with Albuquerque Model Harmony

If you’ve looked through my portfolio in the last year, you’ll probably recognize Harmony’s face. Since moving to Albuquerque, Harmony more so than any other model in town has became my photography muse. We work well together, work well on the fly, and always produce some awesome photographs.

This shoot was absolutely no exception. Harmony now lives in St. Louis, and this photoshoot was set up just a couple days before she left. Both her and I had interest to shoot one last time before she moved, so we hectically set this shoot up.

Harmony had expressed an interested in having photographs in water. Despite growing up in Michigan, and having a pool for most of my life, I don’t have a lot of work with a pool, so I quickly agreed. Well, finding water here in Albuquerque, New Mexico can be tough, but fortunately Harmony’s friend Crystal recently put a pool in her backyard and offered it up as a place we could use. So we got started on planning even further.

Upon planning, my friend Eric had talked about wanting to get his friends involved in a behind the scenes video for me. Since I had a good working relationship with everyone else involved, I agreed to have a film crew for this photoshoot. So Eric, and his friends Jesse and Allen showed up and were able to put together this awesome video from the session. Look below for the video, as well as a couple photos from this awesome photo shoot.

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If you’re looking for a more technical article about the lighting setups and such, feel free to pop over to my article on Fstoppers.

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