Headshot Portrait Photography with Albuquerque Actor Matthew Puett

Recently, I was contacted by Matthew Puett from Applause Talent Agency, an acting agency here in Albuquerque, NM. He was given my name by Carissa, who had just recently signed him to the agency. He needed some headshots, and heard I was the best in town. Now I’m not going to go on the record saying that that is true, but I was still very happy to work with him to get the best possible portraits to use for his headshots and push his career to new heights.

Now let me tell you why I like Matt. When people walk into my studio, I always start them off with a loaded question. I ask my clients what music they’d like to listen to while the shoot is going on. I do this to help loosen them up for the shoot by having them select music they like, but I’m also interested in what music they want to listen to as well. I’m a music snob, I admit it…and most of the time, my clients will pick something kind of generic that everyone likes, such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and the occasional John Mayer Trio. Well, I liked Matt because he was bold. So bold in fact, that he chose the 90’s Alt Rock, Toadies. I loved it immediately. Not only am I a huge 90s fan, but I really appreciate it when people choose something out of the ordinary.

Anyway, we were able to get some really wonderful photos from this headshot session and brought out a lot of expressions from him. I’m confident, that with these photos, he’s going to be seeing a lot more work coming his way, and launching his acting career here in Albuquerque.

portrait-Albuquerque-Headshot-Photography-11 portrait-Albuquerque-Portrait-Photography-11 portrait-Headshot-Portrait-Actor1 portrait-New-Mexico-Photography1


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