Albuquerque Headshot Photography Session with Tiffany Silva

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Albuquerque actress Tiffany Silva for some new headshot photography for her career. Tiffany is fairly new to Albuquerque, but she’s already done an exceptional job of marketing herself within the industry, so I was excited when we were able to work together on getting her some new headshot photography.

Tiffany was referred to my for headshot photography after attending a Student showcase here in Albuquerque. During the showcase, she had a unique opportunity to meet many other actors within the local community, and many of them ended up being some of my former clients. They were kind enough to speak highly of me and my work, and Tiffany later emailed me to set up an appointment.

Tiffany moved out to Albuquerque from Colorado, after hearing how great the acting community was here. Pairing that was such a great community, is a massive amount of projects happening within the city. I was able to speak to a friend who works at the Albuquerque Film Studios recently, and he told me that there are 7 SAG films being filmed here right now. Pairing that with the seemingly endless amount of TV shows, Albuquerque has become a bit of a mini Los Angeles, with a lot of opportunity to those who are willing to apply themselves.

headshot photography-Silva-Headshot-Tiffany-7-240x300

I think what I appreciated most about Tiffany was her overall character and excitement for her future. She was an absolutely joy to work with, and one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet. Her excitement and overall kindness made this headshot photography session incredibly easy, and we were done with the session really fast in comparison.


Overall, I’m incredibly happy with the photos I got with Tiffany when she came to my studio for headshot photography. Since the weather cleared up, we ran outside really quickly and were able to capture some images outdoors as well. Doing this has allowed her to drastically diversify her looks and options when submitting headshots for roles here in Albuquerque.

For more information about my headshot photography and more examples of my headshot photography with Tiffany, scroll down.


More information about my headshot photography can be found in my Headshot Photography Information Page.

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