My New Portrait and Headshot Photography Studio in West Hollywood

When moving to Los Angeles, I was presenting with a challenge; I wanted to have a studio space for my headshot photography work. In Albuquerque, I had a small space that I could use and bring clients in to get their headshots done, but with the price and limited availability within Los Angeles, the challenge to find a place for my work was much harder than expected. However, I’m finally happy to announce, Zach Sutton Photography has a fully functioning photography studio, here in the heart of West Hollywood.

headshot photography-Head-Shot-Photography-Studio-Los-Angeles-2

If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably seen me post a photo or two with a behind the scenes of this new place. The studio, while small (15’x20′), will be plenty of space for portrait photography here in Los Angeles, and will serve as the perfect headshot photography studio. Fully equipped with  storage locker, clothing rack, and a vanity for hair and makeup, this new studio was built by myself and my friend Alex Stone, and converted and created meticulously by hand.

headshot photography-Head-Shot-Photography-Studio-Los-Angeles-1

With the use of the new studio, I’ll be able to book headshot photography sessions with ease, and without needing to find a studio convenient for both myself and my clients. Want to check out the new studio? Book a headshot photography session with me by contacting me here. And as always, outdoor headshot photography session are still always available for booking.

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Headshot Photography Info

My headshot photography is my passion, and I work to give my clients the absolute best work possible.Whether it’s in-studio or on location, I aim to create images that best represent you. I’m based out of Los Angeles, and able to travel within all of the city limits to help you look your very best.  If you’d like to know more about my headshot photography, you can do so by clicking here.

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