Headshot Photography in Albuquerque with Lauren Poole And Jeff Poole

Working as an Albuquerque photographer, I end up doing a lot of headshot photography sessions. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of them, if you viewed my blog from time to time, but much to many’s surprise, only about 5% of my headshot sessions even end up on my blog or website.  That is right, I’m usually doing a few headshot photography sessions in any given week.

A week or so ago, I was able to work with Lauren Poole, and her father, Jeff Poole. I’ve known Lauren since I moved to Albuquerque in June of 2012, from both mutual friends and her hilarious YouTube video called “Shit Burqueños (New Mexicans) Say” with over 800K views to date with the numbers still growing. Aside form that, she has done a ton of work here in New Mexico working as an actress and is attributed to helping the community of actors grow and improve their talents with each new film.

Well, I also worked with Lauren Poole’s father, who recently decided to give a try at acting after seeing the success of his daughter in the growing acting community in Albuquerque. While he lacks experience in front of camera, he does have a great look, and will surely find some work with the help of his brand new headshots. Look below for a couple of my favorites from Lauren and Jeff’s session and expect to see them on the big screens near you soon.

lauren poole-Lauren-Poole-Actress-Headshot-959x1200 lauren poole-Lauren-Poole-Albuquerque-Actor-959x1200

lauren poole-Jeff-Poole-Actor-Headshot-1200x960 lauren poole-Jeff-Poole-Actor-Headshot-Albuquerque-1200x960

If you’d like more information about my headshot sessions, you can look here.

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