Corporate Headshots of Albuquerque Business Resilient Solutions 21

I first met Charles Rath about a year ago. He contacted me, cause he needed some corporate headshots for his job. At the time, he was working at Sandia Labs, and giving speeches on their work and how to innovate all over the world. He hired me for a headshot photography session, and we got some really great photos. Nearly a year later, he contacted me again, but this time it was to get headshots for his entire staff at his new company, Resilient Solutions 21.

What is Resilient Solutions 21?

Beyond all else, Resilient Solutions 21 is designed to build and innovate here in Albuquerque. Something I’ve often spoke about both publicly and on this blog, is how Albuquerque is an amazing city on the tipping point of massive success. At this point, it’s known for our booming film scene, where Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Longmire, Thor, and other TV and film productions were created. But beyond that, Albuquerque has a huge market of successful small business that are thriving and continuing to innovate the city here.

Resilient Solutions 21 is a small group of powerful architects, investors, city planners and advisors whose sole purpose is to bring more innovation and success to Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. So when they told me their mission and goals, I was excited to work with them to get them some great new headshots to display on their website.

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Charles Rath

Charles Rath is the founder of Resilient Solutions 21. I met him some time ago to take headshots for him to be used for various public speaking events he had coming up. Since then, he’s decided to focus on Albuquerque, and help build it into something bigger and better.

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Brian Barnes

Brian Barnes is an architect here in Albuquerque and works for the company Dekker/Perich/Sabatini – among the most innovative architect firms in Albuquerque and New Mexico. I first met Brian, however, when I was photographing his brothers wedding. He’s currently working as a Research Analyst for RS21.

corporate headshots-Los-Angeles-Headshot-Photography

Mimi Burns

Mimi Burns is a Landscape Architect and Urban Designer working with Resilient Solutions 21 to better help local business and innovators within the city using landscaping and nature designing to more effective businesses.

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Robert Dzur

Robert Dzur is a Geospatial Analyst working with Resilient Solutions 21 to better understand the biodiversity within the cities, states and nation. Using this knowledge, he’ll be working with RS21 to build better communities and businesses affected by these geospatial diversities.

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Tim Trujillo

Tim Trujillo is an Urban Planner working with RS21 set to design better urban settlements while making urban settlements more sustainable. By researching vulnerabilities within each urban system, Tim is helping others prepare better for financial, and natural crisis.

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Julie Walleisa

Julie is a sustainability working with RS21 to research sustainabilities within communities and how to improve them through innovation. By using strategies within water and energy savings, Julie increases the effectiveness of communities through sustainability.

corporate headshots-Dale-Dekker-Headshot-Photography

Dale Dekker

Dale Dekker is a partner within Dekker/Perich/Sabatini and is a strategic partner within Resilient Solutions 21. He is also an architect and planner helping to build more sustainable buildings within the United States and in Albuquerque.

I was super excited to work with Charles Rath and his company of Resilient Solutions 21. I’m a firm believer that Albuquerque is a huge up and coming market, and while I’m leaving soon for LA, I’m excited to watch and see what Charles’ company is able to do to bring Albuquerque to the next level. Be sure to check out their website and reach out to them if you have an interesting idea to make Albuquerque better.

For more information about my corporate headshots, feel free to view my headshot photography information page. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out through my contact page.

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