Model Photography in Albuquerque with Male Model Sadel

I got in touch with Sadel through his mother. Sadel is a musician, living in Los Angeles, and is looking to find some work in modeling while attending school for music. I was happy to help him get some photos in model photography, and we set a date to plan.

Sadel’s reasoning is pretty simple, he’s a young good looking guy living in Los Angeles, which is the heart for Commercial Photography. Him and his mother found my portfolio online, and was quick to decide that I was the guy to help them get some really great photos to build a comp card.

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Sadel and his mom admittingly told me early on during the shoot that they knew very little about modeling and what someone would need in model photography to help get signed by an agency. Fortunately, I’ve worked with hundreds of models over the years, and have work with agencies within Los Angeles and southern California, so I was able to tell them about comp cards, the different styles of photography and models, and some tips to help him get ahead of the game over others pursuing the same thing.

Largely however, Sadel’s first love is music. It was great to talk to him about music, as he is a classically trained bassist, and is going to music school in Los Angeles under a scholarship. Recently, I started playing music again with a bunch of local musicians, so it was great to be able to talk shop with Sadel on music, and his approach to pursuing it further academically.

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Largely, the work we did for Sadel was headshots, as he’s still figuring out what style of photography and modeling he is pursuing. But he’s got a good head on his shoulders, so I have no doubt that Sadel will find some success in the Southern California modeling scene.

For more information about my model photography, and headshot photography in Albuquerque, be sure to look through my model photography portfolios.

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