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Often like I do in the fall, I’ve decided to go a bit of travelling, and wanted to let you all know about in on the off chance you’d like to book a session while I’m possibly in your town. These travel notifications reflect both the photography workshop tour I’m embarking on, as well as an opportunity to visit friends and family members that I don’t get to see too often. So here is a quick breakdown of each location.


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Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids, MI

I’ll be in Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids, Michigan from September 24th (I’m writing this from an airplane) til Oct 6th. I’ll be in town for a couple different reasons, but still have plenty of time to book any sessions for those who might be interested. I’ll be shooting two weddings, each of old friends, while I’m in town. I’ll also be teaching my Outdoor Lighting Photography Workshop in Kalamazoo MI on September 28th. For more information about my availability, please feel free to contact me. [/column]

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Marfa, TX

I’ll be in Marfa with my makeup artist, Kata Baron of The Pretty Committee, as well as Ashley Hamilton, and Lisa Burke who are both photographers in Albuquerque, NM. We’re travelling to Marfa to do a series of photoshoots in one of the coolest art communities in the United States. We’ll be working with Fo Porter of America’s Next Top Model fame, as well as a local model from Albuquerque named Lynne Cash. hile I’ll be busy during the majority of my time there, I’d love to meet up with anyone who lives in that area.[/column]

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New York City

Following Marfa, I’ll be traveling to New York City for Photo Plus Expo. For those who have been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve been to Photo Plus Expo before, and look forward once again to meet with various photographers for this fantastic event. While I’ll be largely looking at PPE as a vacation, I’ll be available to meet up and chat, as well as book any photo sessions while in town. This is also a great opportunity for any photographers who live in the area, and have been looking to take advantage of my One on One Retouching Training.[/column]

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Washington, DC

Following the week in New York City, I’ll be travelling to Washington, DC to put together the largest workshop of my career. Working with Phase One, we’ve recently extended this workshop to 20 students, and expect it to be the best workshop I’ve taught to date. For those interested in knowing more, you can register your seat by going to my photography workshop website. I’m also looking for 4 models while in town to help be subjects for my Outdoor Lighting Photography Workshop. So if you know anyone, please contact me for more information.[/column][/row]

As always, and with all of these traveling announcements, I’d love to meet with fellow photographers to talk shop. I’m also available for very limited booking for headshot photography, events, and general portrait sessions. Please let me know if you know of any great places to see while I’m in these cities, and let me know if you’d like to meet up!

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