Portrait Photography Session with Los Angeles Photographer & Model John Schell

One of my favorite things about being a photographer in Los Angeles is all of the incredible people I’m able to meet. For this session, I had long time friend and fellow photographer John Schell in my portrait studio located in West Hollywood. John and I have been close friends for a number of years now, as we met through a series of photography groups that we were a part of online. So sometimes, when I need to do more male photography, I can rely on my friends who are in the area to help me with creative ideas. This was one of those exceptions.

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A few weeks ago, I got myself some new lighting modifiers to use in my studio, as I work to help recreate my portfolio. One of those modifiers has already become my favorite tool – the Profoto Spot Small. Using a gobo, it allows me to have full control over my lighting and fall off, allowing me to create incredible cinematic images easier than before. Using these lighting tools, I was able to work with John to create some really great cinematic headshots here in West Hollywood.

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The concept for this photoshoot was simple, I wanted to create using incredibly directional light to create tension between the viewer and the subject. Because John and I have become good friends, it was easy to get him comfortable in front of the camera, and we were able to get exactly what we needed within 45 minutes or so. It’s always nice to work with people you already know, especially with headshot photography.

But John has some experience in front of the camera as well, as he is a signed model with Factor Chosen here in Los Angeles. With his experience both in front of and behind the camera, he was able to emote well and help me get my vision of the images solidified. I’m looking forward to using these new lighting tools further and continuing to develop my style for the year of 2017.

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Additionally, this image has gotten some press from Profoto and Rangefinder Magazine. So be sure to go to pick up the latest edition of Rangefinder Magazine to see a full breakdown on how the image was shot, and special thanks to both Profoto and Rangefinder Magazine for allowing me to show off my work to their readers.

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My headshot photography is my passion, and I work to give my clients the absolute best work possible.Whether it’s in-studio or on location, I aim to create images that best represent you. I’m based out of Los Angeles, and able to travel within all of the city limits to help you look your very best.  If you’d like to know more about my headshot photography in Los Angeles, you can do so by clicking here.

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