Beauty Photography with Los Angeles Model Angel Lin

Some time ago, I had the opportunity to work with Angel Lin of Willow Models and Talent here in Los Angeles. I have been set on rebuilding my beauty photography portfolio and adding some Los Angeles models to my portfolio. I was able to get in touch with Angel, and we started planning our session together.

los angeles-Los-Angeles-Beauty-Photography-Zach-Sutton-1

Angel is a local model in Los Angeles, and has been killing it with her work as of late. We were able to meet on a local Los Angeles Model and Photography Facebook group and loved each others work, so we decided to collaborate. I was then able to get in touch with Andy Trieu through some recommendations from friends of mine. Andy is an incredible makeup artist here in LA and agreed to work with us to get some amazing shots.

los angeles-Los-Angeles-Beauty-Photography-1
los angeles-Angel-Lin-Beauty-Photography-LA-1

The session ended up going so much better than I even expected, as we shot in my personal photography studio in Los Angeles. In total, we did two looks and were able to get so many excellent photos from the day. Since this photoshoot Angel and I have worked together two additional times, and I’m hoping to have the expertise of Andy on my team again soon.

Beauty photography in Los Angeles is challenging on both a lighting and retouching aspect, which is why I decided to start there when it comes to rebuilding my photography portfolios. Much of my beauty work is from years ago, and has become really dated in recent years. Using some of the incredible talents in Los Angeles, I’m able to create to work, while working with some of the top tier models and makeup artists in Los Angeles. I’m excited about more beauty work as it comes out, and stay tuned for more work shortly.

los angeles-LA-Beauty-Photography-1
los angeles-Los-Angeles-Beauty-Photography-Angel-1

You can see more of Angel’s incredible work as a model by visiting her Instagram. The same can be done with Andy. Stay tuned for more work in the coming weeks as I continue to work on building out my Beauty Portfolio. And see my most recent work in Los Angeles and elsewhere by following me on Instagram.

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