Headshot Photography with Santa Fe Actress Allison French

I love getting referrals for my work. I know I’ve said this hundreds of times now, but it’s truly one of the greatest compliments you can receive when someone is so happy with the photography you provided them with, that they recommend you to friends. That is exactly what happened with Allison French, after her husband came in prior for some headshot photography.

Allison came to me after her husband started booking some acting work shortly after getting his headshot photography done with me. Her husband Kevin, was casted for a small role in the upcoming TV series Gunslingers, so Allison decided she’d try it out herself, as a fun hobby to do on the side of running their art gallery together.

While Allison doesn’t have much for acting experience, she’s excited to see what all of New Mexico’s booming film industry has to offer. With all the TV shows, movie productions and other things currently in town, I’m sure Allison will be seen on the big screen in no time.

Allison showed up to my studio make up ready, with the help of my favorite makeup artist, Kata Baron of The Pretty Committee. We then got to work and got some really great and diverse photos for her new acting career. While Allison is currently unsigned to any agencies in town, I imagine A&M Talent House (An incredible agency that her husband is signed to in Santa Fe) will be picking her up soon, now that she has the appropriate headshots to start booking work.

Be sure to keep a look out for Allison French in upcoming New Mexico film productions.

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