Headshot Photography Mini Session with Deborah Olivas

A few months ago, I worked with Andrea Olivas, who is working to become the next big director and producer here in Albuquerque. When delivering her photos, she was so happy with them that she told me she was going to get in touch with her sister about having some photos taken with me as well.

As an Albuquerque Photographer, I am often working with actors and actresses as their headshot photographer. It’s a bit of my bread and butter in that sense, and you’ve certainly noticed it if you’ve been to my blog before (I post a lot of headshot photography here). I’m not entirely sure if Andrea is planning on getting into acting or the production side of things when it comes to the film industry in Albuquerque and New Mexico. I just knew that she really liked my style and wanted some nice headshot taken for social media and the like.

Anyway, without too much more rambling, here is the headshot photography that I took of Deborah Olivas, an Albuquerque resident.

headshot photography-Deborah-Headshot-Photography-1

headshot photography-Headshot-Photography-Albuquerque-Deborah-2

headshot photography-Headshot-Photography-Albuquerque-Deborah-4

headshot photography-Headshot-Photography-New-Mexico-Deborah-3

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