Katty – Natural Light Beauty Photography

I had the incredible opportunity to capture the beauty of Katty in a mesmerizing series, lensed by Zach Sutton Photography. Our photo session unfolded in the heart of Los Angeles, basking in the soft embrace of natural light that painted each frame with a radiant, golden hue. This particular photo, a gem in a carefully curated beauty portfolio session with Katty and our partners at LA Models, stands out for its luminous brilliance.

Crafting the perfect lighting scenario was paramount to achieving the desired aesthetic. To soften the potential harshness of sunlight, I strategically introduced a 4’x4′ scrim into the setup. Paired with an outdoor white seamless backdrop, this combination successfully recreated the studio photography look, even within the expansive outdoors. The result is a harmonious blend of natural and controlled lighting, elevating the beauty captured in every shot.

Taking advantage of the favorable placement of the winter sun, I skillfully seized the moment with minimal adjustments needed. Alongside the 4’x4′ scrim, a white V-Flat was thoughtfully positioned to the right of the model, ensuring a balanced and evenly distributed brightness for the beauty photos. The careful use of these tools reflects my commitment to perfection and the creation of a visually stunning portfolio.

Having collaborated with Katty for the second time, I can attest to her delightful and charming nature. Her professionalism and charisma undoubtedly played a pivotal role in the success of our collaboration, making her a highly recommended model in the dynamic landscape of Los Angeles.

For those eager to delve deeper into this captivating beauty photography set, additional images await below. Furthermore, a comprehensive breakdown of the talented team involved in bringing this vision to life sheds light on the collaborative efforts that fueled the creation of these striking visuals.

Photoshoot Credits

Photography by @zsuttonphoto
Modeling by @kattyukhanova
Hair Styling by @haileyadickeshair
Makeup by @bethfollertmakeup

Beauty Photography series shot in Los Angeles, CA by Zach Sutton Photography

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