My Outdoor Lighting & Photography Workshop In Kalamazoo Michigan
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As some of you may know, I have been out

As some of you may know, I have been out of Albuquerque, NM this last week or so because I went to Kalamazoo, MI to host a photography workshop on lighting. I’ve taught this workshop before, and have had a huge out pour of people all over the United States asking if I’ll come to their city/state to teach this workshop. Michigan was a trial run on hosting more photography workshops all over the United states and world, and this trial run was a huge success.

Outdoor Photography Workshop photography workshop-Outdoor-workshop-michigan

Much to my surprise, my lighting & photography workshop sold out in only 72 hours after announcing it, and sold out in another 24 hours when I extended the seating to twelve (from ten). People from all over the midwest were excited to attend the workshop, traveling as far at 6 hours just so they could reserve their seat at this fun and exciting day.

Now this is the third time I’ve taught this lighting workshop. As you may recall, I’ve taught this photography workshop in Albuquerque, NM twice now, with having each of those sold out as well. Of those two workshops in Albuquerque, both of them were a huge success, with photographers ranting and raving about all that they learned and the fun they had.

This workshop was no different, and it seems everyone had an exceptional time throughout the day. However, I’d like to point out a few people who really helped to make this photography workshop special.


Again, thank you to LensRentals for supporting me on my workshops, and helping by supplying Profoto B1s to use during the day. Your generosity and commitment to learning is exceptional, and I’m grateful for all the help you’ve supplied making my workshops such a success.

Phase One & ProGear Rentals

Thank you to Phase One and Doug from ProGear Rental out of Chicago for supplying two Phase One bodies for the students to try out, as well as supplying each student with a copy of Capture One Express for them to process the files. Not only were the students excited and impressed with the camera systems, but the files they were able to create with the gear you supplied turned out great.

David Crewe & Phlearn

Special thanks to my friend David Crewe of Phlearn for stopping by and helping with BTS footage throughout the day. And thank you again for all the insight into the business of photography that you were able to supply throughout the day. And finally, thank you for supplying each student with a Phlearn Pro Tutorial of their choice

Alien Skin Software

Thank you to my friends at Alien Skin for supplying my students with 30% off any purchases of your product. And congratulations to Aaron Geller for winning a full copy of Exposure 6, supplied to us by Alien Skin. I’m confident that if my students take the time to try out your software, they’ll be very impressed with their results.

Bill Strome

Thank you to Bill Strome of Strome Photography for supplying his studio for us to host a lecture and Q&A at throughout the photography workshop. Your willingness to help throughout the day made everything go so smoothly, and I’m grateful for your courtesy.

My Models

A very special thanks to both Britney Simerson and Andrea Nancy for coming out and working with all the photographers who attended my photography workshop. I know they’re both very talented and busy models living in Michigan, but your ability to come out and work with everyone was essential to the great time everyone had. You’re both beautiful and so much fun to work with, so thank you again for driving down to Kalamazoo to work with everyone who attended this photography workshop.

If you’re still keeping up, you may have done the math on this workshop by now. With the sponsors in place, each student got more than the value of the photography workshop in free things alone, with Capture One Express, Alien Skin discounts, Phlearn Pro Tutorials, and all the gear to use throughout the day, the $225 price ended up being a huge value for those who attended (getting almost $300 in free things). I hope to continue capturing these sponsors for future workshops, with the ability to pass along all the sweet gear to the students.

Some of the challenge I ran into when putting together this photography workshop was that I was in Albuquerque up until a few days before the class. So planning locations, models and so on what a huge challenge, as I wasn’t in the area to meet with them or check out different locations. I had to rely on my memory for this photography workshop, as I have shot in the location, and worked with many talented models from living in Michigan years ago.


Much like previous times, and the recent updated to my website, I want to provide some transparency, and offer up reviews of the photography workshop from my students. I simply asked them to provide me with feedback, and did not encourage them to write positively or negatively about me.

Shankar Narayanan

I had the great opportunity to attend the “Outdoor Lighting” workshop on 7/13/14, hosted by Zach. The entire day was jam packed with information and knowledge transfer. The key to the success was Zach’s personality. Despite being a highly published artiste, Zach is down to earth & approachable and with no pretenses. That made it easy for us to ask questions and get straight answers. The photography workshop also featured industry experts from PHLEARN & Phase One and we got to use some cool equipment. Once we got started on the hands on part of the class where we mixed strobes with harsh afternoon sunlight, Zach showed us how it is done, and worked with us all individually till we “got it”. We then went on and worked with the talented models all afternoon. The techniques I learned in this class will help take my outdoor photography to the next level. I have already ordered a beauty dish & a power pack to go with my AB800. Can’t wait to try my skills. Don’t miss this opportunity if this class comes to your town!

Aaron Geller

I had the pleasure of meeting Zach last fall in NYC (despite living in the same small town for several years) and found him to be enthusiastic and making new paths for himself in the industry. This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend his workshop here in West Michigan. So here are my thoughts: Zach puts a lot of effort into the workshops and it comes through. The workshop factors in your needs and wants, and he is open to input. The price was affordable and in no way was Zach price gouging anyone – I fear to say it, but I doubt any grand profit was made. And speaking of price, we all received our money’s worth from this workshop. It was my first workshop for photography and up until that point, I had never considered the importance of neutral density filters in my work. Certainly, the workshop was a great opportunity to build network connections and meet people passionate about photography. I also enjoyed trying out new equipment and seeing how it could be applied toward my own work. In short, if you have a chance to take a workshop with Zach – you will get more than your money’s worth.

David Crewe

I was a fan of Zach’s work before meeting him, and after getting to work with, attend one of his workshops to see just how the man works, i’m even more a fan! Zach is one of the most creative, driven, funny, and talented photographers AND educators on the market and I cannot recommend him enough!

Jeremiah Rosa

I enjoyed my 2nd photography workshop with Zach this past weekend. His teaching style makes new information exciting and understandable. I always learn more than I expect from Zach, and love to watch him work. On top of the great information, I met amazing industry professionals, worked with top notch models, and even went home with a killer swag bag! When Zach comes to town, he don’t mess around!

Britney Simerson

If you’re looking for the most professional, easy going, and energetic photographer…Zach Sutton Photography is who you need to choose! I have worked with him twice for his photography workshop and each time I’m more amazed at how our experience turns out.


If you’d like to see some of the photos taken by others from the workshop, you’re able to do so by visiting the Facebook Event page I had with the photography workshop. Again, thank you to all those who attended and helped with making this workshop a success. I look forward to providing more photography workshops to Albuquerque, as well as all over the United States.

If you’re interested in attending one of my photography workshops but don’t have the means to come to a city I’m teaching in, please check out my tutorial series with RGG EDU, which is being released in the coming weeks.

If You’re Interested In My Photography Workshops


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Recommended Reading For Photography, Inspiration, and More
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As many of you may know, aside from photography in Albuquerque, I have a passion in education. I host workshops all over the United States, and even have one coming up in Michigan which sold out in record time.

As many of you may know, aside from photography in Albuquerque, I have a passion in education. I host workshops all over the United States, and even have one coming up in Michigan which sold out in record time.

Aside from my workshops in photography, I also have a massive tutorial series coming out that is the most extensive tutorial series available in the entire world. Not only does it highlight photo shoots where I take some of the best photographs in my entire career, but it will give you 10 hours showing you exactly how I did it.

But my passion for educating photographers doesn’t stop there. I also work for various websites to help teach and inspire photographers all over the world with various articles and lists. I wanted to purge together a list, a list of my absolute favorite articles I’ve written so far to date while working for Fstoppers, PhotoTuts+, and Retouching Academy. So please use this list as a guide, and I hope that you’re able to learn something from these articles and advance your career further.

Inspiration Articles

How To Beat Feeling Uninspired

white photography-white-500x288

This was my very first article on Fstoppers, and still one of my favorites. Through this, I explain the challenges I face every winter, where I don’t feel particularly creative – and how I overcome them.

Build Relationships, Not Clients

Building-Relationships-Not-Clients-Photography photography-Building-Relationships-Not-Clients-Photography-500x288

A short piece discussing how I handle business with others, by being open, honest, and real with each and everyone I meet. This article was also featured in Digital SLR Photography Magazine.

 Focus Your Attention

Focus-Your-Attention-Photography photography-Focus-Your-Attention-Photography-500x288

An article focusing on the luxuries of our lives, and how we sometimes neglect that. I mean, we’re professional photographers – do you realize how incredibly cool and exciting that is?

Lessons I Learned From My Time With a Phase One

PhaseOne-Zach-Sutton-Learning-Photography photography-PhaseOne-Zach-Sutton-Learning-Photography-500x288

Recently, I had the opportunity to use one of the best camera’s in the world, the Phase One IQ250. Upon using it, I learned a lot of about photo style, and why my work isn’t as good as I thought.


Tutorial Articles

Photoshoot Breakdown -  Behind The Scenes Into Camaro Photoshoot

Featured-Image-Photoshoot-Breakdown-3 photography-Featured-Image-Photoshoot-Breakdown-3-500x288

A look into a shoot I did last summer that created some of the absolute best photos in my portfolio to date. This detailed look shows you everything I did to create these exceptional images.

Behind the Scenes Look Into My Commercial / Fashion Photo Session

Featured-Image-Harmony-Behind-The-Scenes photography-Featured-Image-Harmony-Behind-The-Scenes-500x288

Another photoshoot breakdown showing some more iconic photos in my portfolio. The purpose of this article is to show everyone the work that goes into creating an exceptional portfolio.

How to Successfully Pre-Produce a Photoshoot

FeaturedImage-Pre-Product-Shoot photography-FeaturedImage-Pre-Product-Shoot-500x288

A look into all the work that goes into producing a high caliber photo shoot for portfolio building and publication. This article addresses the importance of making sure everyone is aware of the concept.

Using Your Camera’s Pointless Features To Get The Most Out Of Your Shots

Camera-Features-Featured-Image-Edited photography-Camera-Features-Featured-Image-Edited-500x288

Showing you how to think outside the box, and using some of your camera’s “pointless” features to truly get the most out of each photograph by limiting the information you see with each photo.


Business Articles

How To Make Money In Photography

How-To-Make-Money-In-Photography photography-How-To-Make-Money-In-Photography-500x288

A guide I made on how to make money doing what you love with photography. Through my years as a professional photographer, I’ve learned a thing or two, and I decided to write about it to help others.

How I Doubled My Business in Six Months

FeaturedImage-DoubledBusiness-Revised photography-FeaturedImage-DoubledBusiness-Revised-500x288

After moving to Albuquerque, NM from Kalamazoo, MI I decided I wanted to make more money and work more as a photographers. So I bought one tool, one tool that helped me double my business.

Stop Selling Yourself to Photographers

Stop-Selling-To-Photographers photography-Stop-Selling-To-Photographers-500x288

A quick little tip explaining how to find your place in a market, and how to take advantage of it. There is absolutely no sense advertising your services to your colleagues. They’re not going to hire you.

Tax Guide For Photographers

TaxGuideFeatured photography-TaxGuideFeatured-500x288

Many people may not know this, but before I was a photographer full time, I was a Tax Specialist. I essentially studied and worked to make sure people did their taxes properly, and provide tips for photographers here.


Opinion Articles

Why You Should Be Offended By The Pirating of Photoshop

stop-stealing-photoshop photography-stop-stealing-photoshop-500x288

Where I talk about the most pirated software in the world, Adobe Photoshop – and why you should be offended that people pirate this program more than anything else in the world.

A Look Into Canon’s Recent Failures

Canon-Failures-Fstoppers-Zach-Sutton photography-Canon-Failures-Fstoppers-Zach-Sutton-500x288

Canon is my brand of choice for photography, but it’s not always my choice through innovation. Here I discuss where they’ve failed, and how they can do better.

Hopefully that provided you with some insight on some of my writings and passion to educate others in photography. We live in a glorious time, where photography is more important than ever, so I’m so appreciative and excited that I’m able to help others find their way behind a camera and happy to continue to education the population on how to take better photos.

If you know of any other articles that are interesting and worth posting for other photographers, feel free to do so in the comments below.


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Outdoor Lighting and Photography Workshop in West Michigan Announced
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I decided I needed a vacation from my tutorial series, and decided to announce a photography workshop in a few weeks in Kalamazoo, MI.

This past week has been incredibly long and exhausting. With 4 back to back shoots, and a production team following me all along the way, I felt it feeling content, excited, but exhausted. I decided I needed a vacation from my tutorial series, and decided to announce a photography workshop in a few weeks in Kalamazoo, MI.

Photography Workshop In Michigan photography workshop-Outdoor-workshop-michigan

The workshop is to take place on Sunday, July 13th 2014 and will cover outdoor lighting. You may have heard of this photography workshop before, as I taught it twice in Albuquerque within the last 6 months. Both of those photography workshops received much praise (reviews and comments below), and quite a few people asked that I bring it to West Michigan. However this one, has much more exciting announcement than ever before.

What Is The Photography Workshop?

The answer is simple. The workshop is an 8 hour event that will teach you how to drastically improve your lighting in outdoor scenarios. Using strobes and ND Filters, Zach Sutton will teach you how to great beautiful, cinematic images that will improve your portfolio and get your more jobs. Not only is this a photography lecture, but it’s hands on too. The entire class will learn the principles taught, and then go out on location to practice these tools using a professional model and professional gear. With hands on training, you’re able to learn how to properly light subjects in any environment, resulting in better photos, more jobs and a better portfolio. This lecture also has a Q&A section, allowing you to ask questions beyond lighting – from business practices to workflow processes. This photography workshop is incredibly extensive, and limited to 10 students for $250.

Who Is This Photography Workshop For?

Everyone. Tailored with both the beginner and seasoned pro in mind, this workshop is taught in a way to improve everyone’s work, and not just tailored to a single demographic or type of photographer. From senior photos, to weddings; this outdoor lighting workshop will improve your photography skills.

What Is Included In This Workshop?

This photography workshop includes a tons of information for all photographers. Included with this class and on location training is a thumbdrive containing photoshoot breakdowns, retouching techniques, workflow actions and more. This workshop also gives you full access to the highest quality gear in the industry.


Perhaps the most exciting announcement is that this workshop is going to be sponsored by some of the biggest brands in the business, allowing you to not only learn about new techniques, but have the day playing around with some of the best equipment in the industry.


That’s right, I have PhaseOne on board for this workshop. Not only will a tech be there to show you all of the working parts of CaptureOne and the PhaseOne systems, but we’ll have PhaseOne cameras there as well, allowing you to test drive the Ferrari of camera gear for the day. The daily rental cost of a 645df+ w/ IQ250 is over $450. That alone pays for the workshop two times over. This camera system will be for use of attendees of this workshop, allowing you to get the best possible image quality while on location following the lecture portion of the class.

Along side PhaseOne, LensRentals will be supplying gear the the workshop, along with Profoto B1 studio strobes. Not only is Profoto among the highest quality lighting gear for photographers today, the B1 is the most advanced cordless studio strobe in history. They’ll also be supplying many lens loadouts and gear that students may need to get the best possible photographs for your portfolio.

Reviews From Actual Photographers Who’ve Taken This Workshop

Bella Black

Very hands on, patient, loved being able to test out different equipment and learn from one of the best! Would highly recommend it to anyone interested in lighting. I usually don’t photograph in that style and prefer natural lighting but now I’m completely in love! :-) photography workshop-icon_smile

Berta Torrez

Very amazing class very easy to understand. The hand son that was amazing . It was not a boring class you kept it very interesting . You made me feel very comfortable, and you made it very easy to able to ask a question, And your answers were very honest.. I would take a class with you again in heart beat. Thanks Again!!!

Destinie Jaramillo

I am so glad I took Zach’s lighting workshop! I have always been a natural light photographer and didn’t really see the use for artificial lighting outdoors but OMG was I wrong! Learning how to properly use light and light modifiers coupled with natural light was a total game changer for me! Thanks Zach!

Beth Waldron Yuhas

The class portion of the workshop was full of information, examples, and extras like tutorials for later use. The outdoor hands-on part was really fun, and he let us use his own gear, which is awesome. I learned a lot and can’t wait to use it.

Ashley Shaw

Zachs workshop was such an eye-opening experience for me. I had zero knowledge of artificial lighting and he was patient and willing to answer all the questions I had. I am so excited to practice all the tips and techniques he had to share.

Malik Daniels

It was like a class for the everyman. There was discussion, opinions and laughter and out of that was this freedom for creativity.

Amy Luna

Zach’s Outdoor Lighting Workshop is a serious game changer, the content and experience of the workshop is amazing and the hands on experience you gain from the work shop is amazing. Zach is so willing to help in anyway that he can and had equipment readily available for the entire class to experiment with! I loved the workshop and feel that my lighting knowledge is mounds and leaps better than when I initially walked into the class :-). If you’re considering taking in course from Zach, I highly recommend it!!!

Jasmine Peralta

I wasn’t able to make the first Outdoor Lighting Workshop and I was broken hearted, but I was I was ecstatic when I found out Zach was having another workshop in Albuquerque! I had zero knowledge of artificial lighting beforehand and I knew that if I wanted to take a step further into the photography business, I needed to learn from the best! Zach’s teaching style is awesome. He is so helpful and patient. The in-class workshop and being on location were both incredibly insightful. Taking this workshop opened my eyes to the amazing possibilities to capture the perfect photo using outdoor lighting. I can’t wait to use the information I gained from this workshop in my future work. Thank you so much, Zach!

Alicia Padilla

From the moment I learned Zach was offering a lighting workshop I immediately knew that the investment had to be made. I have followed not only his incredible work but his fantastic articles for Fstoppers. Both the in class workshop and on location shoot were incredibly insightful. Zach was patient, hands on, and willing to share his vast knowledge of outdoor lighting and beyond. Absolutely nothing was off limits. I sincerely feel that the course is a game changer & will push you & your photography business to that next level.

Webb Johnson

Zach’s workshop was outstanding, both in content and hands-on experience. The material covered was valuable and readily translated into applicable skills during the field portion of the day. I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their outdoor lighting techniques – and photography in general.

 For more information or to sign up for this photography workshop, feel free to visit my workshop website by clicking here.


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Two Years Ago…My Journey to Albuquerque
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Today marks a pretty special day in my life, as today is the two year anniversary for living in Albuquerque, NM from Kalamazoo, MI.

Today marks a pretty special day in my life, as today is the two year anniversary for living in Albuquerque, NM from Kalamazoo, MI. I get questioned by clients here in Albuquerque, as well as everyone else around town on why I moved here, so I wanted to talk about that.

Prior to moving to Albuquerque, I was in a pretty serious relationship with a woman in Kalamazoo. That relationship ran it’s course and left me devastated, confused, and uninspired. Prior to the relationship even ending, my photography and the creative side of my life was suffering, without me even knowing. So moving to Albuquerque was my bold attempt to start fresh, find myself again, and get my creative side back on track.

And that’s exactly what happened.

I moved to Albuquerque without even knowing anyone. I wanted to get out of Michigan for years, but never really knew how (Sometimes being stuck somewhere voluntarily can still make it feel like a prison). The confusion, the heartbreak, and the lack of inspiration gave me one thing – courage.

I decided that I wanted to go somewhere, and Albuquerque always seemed like an interesting place to start fresh. So I loaded up a 16’ moving truck, and sold the remaining stuff I had, and set my GPS west, hoping I’d find my creativity along the way.

I arrived in Albuquerque with little understanding of how the city worked and where the cool parts where. I didn’t know anyone, which at times made me feel even more lost than I already was. But quickly, I was able to meet some pretty spectacular people such as Jennifer Garrett, a local photographer who I’ve worked with on multiple projects; Kata Baron, my local makeup artist and go to girl for anything creative; and Zach Work, a photography hobbyist who has always found a way to encourage me to approach the world with a different perspective.

The Rise of Headshot Photography in Albuquerque

I moved here with a little of a plan. I wanted to be a full time photographer, with no other jobs on the side. I wanted to fully engulf myself in all things photography and really watch my career blossom into something to be proud of. And it did, when I found my love for Headshot Photography.

Certainly, I was doing headshot work in Michigan, but it was always a side gig that never really made enough to support my living. When moving to Albuquerque, I had to claw my way to the top of the ranks as quickly as possible, as I didn’t want a side job to help support my true love. I met with agents, casting directors and actors to see what Albuquerque needed, and poured my heart into it. I’m now the most active and successful headhsot photographer in all of New Mexico, and have gotten some national recognition of my work here in town.


I also got offered a job at Fstoppers. I had always thought of Fstoppers as my go to source for inspiration, training and news, but never thought I’d be apart of such an amazing and growing community. About a year and a half ago, I join the team of writers, and now I work as an editor for them, and handle many of the press opportunities that they have offered to me.

Albuquerque-Fstoppers-Zach-Sutton albuquerque-Fstoppers-Zach-Sutton

And this gave me connections. Before then, I was just another photographer who had found some success in social media, but was largely unknown in the photography world. Now I have connection at Canon, Adobe, PhaseOne, Profoto, CreativeLive and others – all wanting me to succeed in my craft and grow into an even better photographer.

Tutorial Series

And then, a few months ago, I was approached by RGG EDU to produce a DVD tutorial series on my work and skill sets. I’ve always admired photographers like Joey L, Erik Almas, and Lara Jade; discovering them largely for their tutorial series. Never did I think I’d be put in the ranks of them and be able to teach a whole new generation of photographers.

So today marks another day in my life. Today we begin production on this tutorial series to be sold at the end of summer. A tutorial series that I had dreamed of, but never thought would come to fruition. A tutorial series I’ve spent dozens of hours planning, setting up and getting ready for. A tutorial series that is my baby, and the most important project I’ve done in my entire life, let alone my career.

So thank you, everyone. Thank you to all those who have inspired me. Thank you to those who have harshly critiqued my work only because they expect better, and thank you to all those who have met me, promoted me and watched my career grow, specifically here in Albuquerque. As for now, my big project is waiting for me…so I’ll be back to business here in a week or so.

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Albuquerque Headshot Photography with Julia Harris
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If you've been following my work for some time, you may have heard the name Julia Harris before. Julia is a local Albuquerque actress that I have done headshots for in the past.

If you’ve been following my work for some time, you may have heard the name Julia Harris before. Julia is a local Albuquerque actress that I have done headshots for in the past. Well, last month, Julia decided to chop off all of her hair for a new summer hair do, which meant she needed to get some new headshots done in the process.

I was happy to accommodate Julia in some headshot photography, so we set up an appointment, and began planning our studio photo shoot here in Albuquerque. For this photo shoot, Julia took the advice I give all my client and hired Kata Baron of the Pretty Committee to do makeup for the shoot. Having a make up artist for the shoot insures that you look your absolute best and make my job of retouching so much easier.

Albuquerque Headshot Photography albuquerque-New-Mexico-Actress-Mitchell-Presley-1Headshot Photography albuquerque-Actress-Headshots-ABQ-2Julia is hoping to make a new push into the acting scene here in Albuquerque, and believes having some new headshots would help her with that process. While her old headshots from last year were great, it’s important always keep your headshots updated, as they’re your calling card for casting directors and agencies.

Mitchell & Presley Talent Group albuquerque-Julia-Harris-Actor-Headshot-Photography

Photography in Santa Fe albuquerque-Headshot-Photography-Julia-Harris

Since booking and completing this headshot session Julia told me today that she got an acting job on the popular A&E TV show Longmire. While this isn’t the first client I’ve had that has ended up on Longmire, it makes me even more excited to check out the series. I’ll finally take Netflix’s advice of 4.5 stars out of five and check it out once I get a free moment. Until I find that free moment, take a second and check out some of these great images of Julia Harris. And for more actors and actresses in New Mexico like her, be sure to check out her agency, Mitchell and Presley Talent Group.

New Mexico Headshot Photography albuquerque-Zach-Sutton-Photography-Headshots-3

Thanks again to Kata Baron for providing the makeup work on this shoot and thank you to Julia Harris for being a repeat client and coming back to me for new headshots after her old ones became a year old. I’m excited to see your career grow and success to continue to come your way here in New Mexico.

For more info on my headshot photography, you’re able to go to my headshot information page. You’re also able to see more female headshot photography by clicking here.

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2KASA Fox Television Interview in Albuquerque, NM
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This past Tuesday, I was asked by the producers of 2KASA Fox Morning show if I'd be interested in attending their televised morning show in Albuquerque, NM to talk...
Albuquerque Photography Albuquerque-Zach-Sutton-2KASA-Albuquerque-e1401661324585-225x300

7AM – On Set In Albuquerque

This past Tuesday, I was asked by the producers of 2KASA Fox Morning show if I’d be interested in attending their televised morning show in Albuquerque, NM to talk about my photography and discuss the photography workshops I’ve taught in Albuquerque as well as the upcoming tutorial series that is being produced for photographers on June 11th. I was of course happy to comply, and excited to be apart of the show.

I was on for two different segments of the show. The first televised segment, I spoke about my upbringing on how I became a photographer and found my craft and style before moving and becoming an Albuquerque photographer. As many of you may know, I’m not formally trained in photography, and actually went to college for Business. However, photography has been a huge passion of mine for a number of years, and I was able to teach myself through online forums, tutorials and other sources. So it’s incredibly exciting for me to be able to also produce my own tutorials and work for the next generation of photographers by writing for websites like Fstoppers, Phototuts+, and Retouching Academy. The first segment of the show is posted below.

On the second segment, I was able to talk a little bit about my photography workshops that I teach in both Albuquerque as well as all over the United States on lighting, retouching and everything in between. We then were able to talk briefly about my upcoming tutorial series that I have been investing all of my time on and working hard to make it the most comprehensive tutorial series to date.

Thank you again to the 2KASA staff for having me on their show. I was humbled and excited to be apart of such a big production and overjoyed that I was able to talk about my passion in photography.

For more information about my photography tutorial series being filmed here in Albuquerque and all over New Mexico, be sure to check out RGG EDU or my announcement in my photography blog.

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Albuquerque Headshot Photography with Keith Jardine
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As of late, I've been working with headshot photography than ever for local Albuquerque actors and actresses. Because of the planning for tutorial series tha...

As of late, I’ve been working with headshot photography more than ever for local Albuquerque actors and actresses. Because of the planning for the tutorial series that begins filming in a couple weeks, I haven’t had much creativity that isn’t poured into that project, so my commercial and environmental portraits are placed on hold until after the filming. But if you’re looking for those types of photographs, stay tuned, as I’ll have many of those coming in the coming weeks.

But a couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to work with local actor and UFC fighter Keith Jardine for headshot photography in Albuquerque.  You may recognize Keith from a variety of things. In 2005, he began his UFC fighting career and starred in the hit TV show ‘The Ultimate Fighter’. From there, he has been in many fights hosted by UFC, Strikeforce and others. He decided to recently focus his attention to acting and stunts, and begin his transition away from fighting.

Albuquerque Headshot Photography headshot photography-Albuquerque-Keith-Jardine-Actor-1400x1120New Mexico Actors headshot photography-Keith-Jardine-Albuquerque-Headshot-1-1400x1120

But you may have also seeing Keith on the big screen over the years as well. He’s appeared in Crank: High Voltage, as well as co starred in Gamer along side Gerard Butler and Michael C Hall. He’s also appeared in an episode of Breaking Bad, Hawaii Five-O and many other television series being filmed in both Albuquerque and Los Angeles. Along side working as an actor and stunt man in Albuquerque, Keith also owns and runs a Yoga studio here in Albuquerque, NM.

Albuquerque New Mexico Photography headshot photography-New-Mexico-Headshot-Photography-Keith-Jardine-1400x1120

Needless to say, I was honored that Keith chose me to be his headshot photographer, as he has an up and coming acting career here in New Mexico. We were able to get some really great shots from the headshot photography session. You can see some more of them below.

New Mexico Actor Headshot Photography headshot photography-Keith-Jardine-Actor-Headshot-960x1200

For more information on Keith Jardine, be sure to check out his IMDb page, his Wikipedia article, and his website.

For more info on my headshot photography, you’re able to go to my headshot information page. You’re also able to see more male headshot photography by clicking here.

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Environmental Photography Tutorial Series Announcement
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I'm excited to announce that I will be working with RGG EDU next month to help create an amazing and comprehensive tutorial series on Environmental Portraiture for sale sometime later this year.

I’m excited to announce that I will be working with RGG EDU next month to help create an amazing and comprehensive tutorial series on Environmental Portraiture for sale sometime later this year. The tutorial is set to be 8-10 hours long, and teach you everything you’ll need to know to help create amazing cinematic images using just a few tools.

The series is designed for those who have a basic understand of photography, but will help extremely helpful and beneficial to all photographers. Never did I ever think that I’d have an opportunity to be able to show my process and my techniques to thousands of people.


Over the last couple years, I’ve found that I have a big passion for teaching others various photography techniques to help their work improve and help them gain a better understanding of lighting, color, and composition. When I taught a one on one lighting training to a photographer 4 years ago, I never thought I’d be creating a comprehensive tutorial series 4 years later. Nor did I think I’d have the opportunity to teach workshops on lighting, retouching and workflow all over the United States. I feel really blessed to have the opportunity to do this with my career and talents.

The objective of this tutorial series is to teach the aspects of using off camera lighting to create gorgeous and interesting images. But this series isn’t just another tutorial on lighting, it’s going to be as comprehensive as they come. The series will explain concept development, pre-production of high caliber photo shoots, assembling your team, and an extensive look into workflow and retouching practices used on all my images. The goal of this series is to give you total insight on how to work as a professional photographer and how to streamline your process. Included with the tutorial will also be workflow actions, Lightroom presets and a comprehensive posing guide.


Examples Of Work Using The Concepts Taught



Along with the filming of this tutorial series, I’m looking to hire a few people in New Mexico to help make this production a huge success. We’re currently only looking for people currently in Albuquerque who have experience working on set.

Production Assistant

I’m looking for some one who can work as an assistant to both me and the production company. Must be available for the production days of June 11th til the 18th. Tasks would include providing support and assisting on all aspects of the filming process of this tutorial series. If you’re interested, please contact me directly at

Camera Man

Looking for someone who is able to help with all the aspects of filming. Will work as a third camera man for the production and duties will include creating Behind The Scenes footage of the entire filming process of the tutorial. Post Production skills not required. If you’re interested, please contact me directly at


Other Work by RGG EDU

I’m not the only one who RGG EDU is featuring on their website. They’ve also began the production of Newborn Photography by Stephanie Cotta, and will work with an extremely talented high end retoucher (who is currently unannounced) later this summer. For some insight on how these tutorial packages work, feel free to look at this promo video of Stephanie Cotta’s Newborn Tutorial Series -

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Outdoor Headshot Photography in Albuquerque of Nancy Ovis
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The other day, I posted a blog entry about my headshot photography session with Cara Ovis, a fitness model in Albuquerque who is making the transition into acting.

The other day, I posted a blog entry about my headshot photography session with Cara Ovis, a fitness model in Albuquerque who is making the transition into acting.

Albuquerque Headshot Photography with Model & Actress Cara Ovis
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A couple months ago, I had the opportunity to work with the beautiful Cara Ovis, an actress and model in Albuquerque looking for some Headshot Photography. She had been referred to me through her agents at Mitchell & Presley Talent Agency.

A couple months ago, I had the opportunity to work with the beautiful Cara Ovis, an actress and model in Albuquerque looking for some Headshot Photography. She had been referred to me through her agents at Mitchell & Presley Talent Agency.

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